9 wrestlers who will benefit from a new AEW TV show

Since its launch in 2019, AEW has set the wrestling world on fire, with AEW Dynamite and the company’s four/five PPV events being some of the most must-watch wrestling right now. In the years since its launch, AEW has reached new heights, signing big names such as Bryan Danielson, Toni Storm, Adam Cole, Saraya and CM Punk, with the company now set to manage Wembley Stadium in August 2023. for a huge stadium. to show.

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As All Elite Wrestling continues to grow, so does AEW’s TV show library, with Warner Bros. Discovery ordering another new AEW TV show from Tony Khan, as a new Saturday wrestling show is set to launch this summer. With AEW’s roster continuing to grow, there are a number of wrestlers who will greatly benefit from the new show, which will be called AEW Collision!



9 Jade Cargil


Jade Cargill remains a developing wrestler, though her year 2023 is already stronger than her last wrestling years, with legit strong performances against Taya Valkyrie, Billie Starkz, Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan. One area that has always hurt Jade has been her time on television, with most of her segments taking place behind the scenes and many of her matches being short fights on Rampage. With a new show, Jade could get a much bigger spot on Dynamite or Collision.

8 white jay


After months of speculation over his future, Jay White would make a huge statement by signing with All Elite Wrestling, making his post-WrestleMania episode Dynamite debut. Since then, White had his first match, a singles fight against Komander, and formed Bullet Club Gold, the AEW affiliate of the famed NJPW stable.

It remains to be seen how this angle with White’s Bullet Club will pan out, though anyone who follows AEW and NJPW will know that it’s likely heading for a civil war storyline between Jay White’s Bullet Club and David Finlay’s Bullet Club. . With another show on the way, Bullet Club will likely become one of the featured acts alongside The Elite, Jericho Appreciation Society, House of Black and Blackpool Combat Club.

7 Keith Lee


Coming to AEW in early 2022, Keith Lee had a weird time on the roster. Incredibly sticking with the fans, Keith has had quite a strong following in the business, though many want more for the charismatic Limitless One. Capturing the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Swerve Strickland, the two would become a very engrossing team over the course of the year, having incredibly strong defenses and a big feud with The Acclaimed.

Since losing the belts, Keith has wandered the roster somewhat aimlessly. Luckily, Lee and Strickland have reignited their rivalry, which should bode well for the two as a grassroots feud that will come to light more as AEW gets more time for its weekly TV product.

6 The Mughal Embassy


Stemming from the feud between Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, Swerve would abandon the Mogul Affiliates faction in favor of upgrading his unit, offering an on-screen merger with the ROH Faction, The Embassy. Swerve would go from being Parker Boudreaux and Trench as lackeys to being surrounded by a large unit including Brian Cage, Kaun, Toa Liona, and Prince Nana, when forming the Mogul Embassy.

The faction itself is still in its infancy, like Jay White’s Bullet Club Gold, which means there’s not much to love or hate outside of their early releases. Still, there’s a lot of promise with this new group, and with the imminent debut of AEW Collision, this new group could make a splash on the new show, or could end up getting more spotlight during AEW Dynamite, according to the how they land on the supposed breakdown of the list.

5 wardlow

by AEW

Having recently made his comeback after a short hiatus, Wardlow quickly regained the TNT Championship, becoming a three-time TNT Champion in the process. While Wardlow’s booking has been extremely questionable over the past year as he would go from one of AEW’s hottest babyface acts to a more polarizing star, AEW Collision’s impending debut should help the midcard champ.

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Since September 2022, Orange Cassidy has elevated the AEW International Championship to a true secondary belt within AEW, having a now historic reign with the belt as he cleared 20 defenses. With the TNT Championship taking up more space than the International Title on Dynamite, putting more emphasis on AEW’s original midcard championship on the company’s new Saturday show could be a great way to elevate the game again. belt, starting with rekindling Wardlow’s spark.

4 Jamie Hayter


Despite winning the AEW Women’s World Championship in November 2022, Jamie Hayter has only defended her belt three times, as she was part of the ongoing feud with The Outcasts and also recently dealt with VISA issues. . Either way, Hayter remains one of the most popular wrestlers in all of AEW and, in turn, deserves more of a showcase.

With the company adding another block to its TV lineup, it seems reasonable to hope that Hayter gets more attention for her as she could appear on Dynamite, Rampage, and/or Collision in the future. All that needs to happen for fans to be happy is that Jamie gets more of a chance to wrestle on TV, as she continues her reign with the AEW Women’s World Championship.

3 house of black

The house of black cropped

Returning to action in late 2022, House of Black seemed set for a hot run in 2023, and that would prove to be true. The dark faction, led by Malakai Black, would defeat Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks to become the AEW World Trios Champions at AEW Revolution, in a thrilling match. Since then, the group has seen less airtime than fans expected, aside from Julia Hart, who became a featured player on AEW Rampage in a feud with Anna Jay.

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With Malakai sharing that he’s been off TV because he was opening a school, he would hint that fans will see him again soon, implying that House of Black will return to AEW TV sooner rather than later. late. With Collision to come, House of Black could find itself in a good position with other factions such as the Jericho Appreciation Society and the probable team of CM Punk & FTR.

2 CM Punk


While many fans expected to never see CM Punk in an AEW ring again after his All Out meltdown, things couldn’t be further from the truth as all signs point to Punk not only returning to the fold with AEW, but is marketed as the top star on AEW Collision. With rumors circulating that his first feud will be against Chris Jericho, it’s certainly interesting to predict where Punk’s future schedules will take him.

Anyway, with CM Punk being brought back to AEW for this new show, he’s the one who benefits the most in terms of AEW’s current roster, as this new show gives him a spot to perform once again. more, with or without opposing The Elite. Fans won’t have to wait that long to see how things pan out for Punk’s second run, as the new AEW TV show is set to debut in June 2023.

1 Kenny Omega

kenny omega
by AEW

If CM Punk is the anchor for the new AEW Collision, it looks like The Elite will serve as the figurehead of the AEW Dynamite roster. Because of this, it has to be seen that Kenny Omega will likely reap the benefits of the new AEW TV show debuting sooner rather than later, as 2023 served as Omega’s return to form in big fight sensation singles. matches he played against Will Ospreay, El Hijo Del Vikingo and Jeff Cobb.

With The Elite likely to top Dynamite’s roster, Omega should be among the top main event talent within the company, helping to strengthen the AEW World Championship scene, or even compete for the AEW World Championship again. IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Either way, Kenny Omega should be able to reap the rewards of a new show by sticking with the current one.

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