All The ‘The Flash’ Villains We Want To See In ‘The Flash’ Movie

Despite multiple delays and the controversy around its star, the flash remained on track for its June 16, 2023 release date. Meanwhile, since the release of the film’s official trailer, anticipation has been building for Michael Keaton’s Batman return and Supergirl’s debut. Sasha Calle. Additionally, given how well the film received acclaim from Warner Bros. despite Ezra Miller’s legal troubles, we hope it hides a few more surprises.

So far it has been confirmed that Steel manMichael Shannon and Antje Traue reprise their roles as alternate versions of General Zod and Faora-UI. While it’s exciting to see them return, there have been rumors that a mysterious new villain may be lurking in the film as well. Merchandise seems to have confirmed that an evil variant of the Flash might appear. But there are plenty of DC Comics Flash enemies that the flash could fit into its flexible multiverse premise. Here are the 10 villains we want to see the most the flash.

reverse flash

Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash)
(DC Comics)

Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash, has long been rumored to appear in the flash, as it is deeply tied to the Flashpoint storyline. In the comics, Thawne killed Barry Allen’s mother, causing Allen to go back in time to prevent the incident and accidentally creating the Flashpoint timeline. the flashThe plot of is surprisingly similar to this storyline, which means there’s a chance that Reverse-Flash is the real villain of the film. Some theories even suggest that the mysterious stand-in Barry Allen (also played by Miller) seen in the film could be his Reverse-Flash adaptation. Ultimately, he’s one of The Flash’s most iconic villains, and the movie created the perfect premise for his debut.


Zolomon Hunter (aka Zoom)
(DC Comics)

Hunter Zolomon, who went by the monikers Zoom and Reverse-Flash, was a major villain for Wally West’s Flash and an occasional enemy of Allen. Her life was riddled with tragedies, including her father being a serial killer and Zolomon suffering a near-fatal attack from Gorilla Grodd. When West refused to turn back time to prevent such tragedies, Zolomon decided to do it himself and also swore to make West suffer. While attempting time travel, he gained the unique ability to control time around him, giving him the appearance of superhuman speed when slowing down time. He has unique super speed skills and a very intricate backstory that would make him an intriguing addition to the flash.

dark flash

Walter West (aka Dark Flash)
(DC Comics)

Before the flashUpon release, several movie-inspired action figures were unveiled. A mysterious character resembles Dark Flash, which suggests he could be the film’s secret villain. In the comics, Dark Flash was an alternate version of Wally West who failed to save his wife Linda from a Zoom attack. He was quite a complex character, considering he wasn’t strictly a villain, but he later became an anti-hero and even joined the Justice League in Flash’s place. If it is introduced into the flashhe would also have the opportunity to show up later in the DC Universe.

Black Lightning

Black Flash in DC Comics
(DC Comics)

The mysterious figure mentioned above could also be Black Flash instead of Dark Flash. Black Flash is one of the most terrifying and mysterious Flash variants. He is described as the “grim reaper” of the speedsters and appears before the Flashes are killed to bring them back to the Speed ​​Force. His identity is unknown, although in some iterations Bart Allen or Barry Allen became the Dark Flash. Luckily, his appearance doesn’t always mean death, as some speedsters have managed to elude him. With his mysterious nature and limited comic book story, the movie could really turn him into whoever he wants him to be, whether that’s a Grim Reaper or a more villainous character.

Captain Cold

Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) and Barry Allen (aka The Flash) fight
(DC Comics)

Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) is one of Flash’s most iconic non-Speedster villains. While DC’s The New 52 reboot temporarily gave him ice powers as a metahuman, he’s most often depicted as a human with no intrinsic powers. Instead, his powers come from a sophisticated ice gun that can freeze anything it touches and create a cold field capable of drastically reducing the speed of the flash. He’s described as the only DC villain to have mastered “absolute zero,” even putting him above Mr. Freeze. Captain Cold has become one of Flash’s most formidable foes purely through his ingenuity and wit, making him a complex and impressive villain for the flash make its debut.

The thieves

Flash villain team, The Rogues, led by Captain Cold
(DC Comics)

Speaking of Captain Cold, we’d love to see the entire villainous team he put together, the Rogues, battle the Flash. The team was led by Snart and included his sister, the Golden Glider, as well as villains Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, and Trickster. The group met by chance after being released from prison at the same time. However, they worked very well as a team, even earning the Flash’s respect for their formidable ability, as they combined wit and strategy with technology to succeed. Meanwhile, with the alternate universe in the flash the movie being one where metahumans don’t exist, the Rogues would make a great villainous team considering they’re usually portrayed as humans with no intrinsic powers.


Jesse James (aka Trickster) fights Barry Allen (aka The Flash)
(DC Comics)

Several characters have taken on the Trickster moniker in the DC Universe over the years, but James Jesse and Axel Walker are the two most popular incarnations. Jesse was the first incarnation of the Trickster, an acrobat who used gag gadgets and a pair of flying shoes to commit his crimes. Later, Walker inherited the Trickster’s flying shoes and took over the villain’s mantle. Trickster is often compared to the Joker, though he’s a lot dumber than the Clown Prince of Crime in the comics. However, it could add comic relief to the flash and would fit perfectly with the weirdness of an alternate universe.

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Godd and Barry Allen (aka The Flash)
(DC Comics)

Gorilla Grodd is one of Flash’s most unusual villains. He is neither human nor metahuman, but a gorilla with a genius intellect and telepathic powers, including mind control. Grodd and his fellow gorillas were imbued with super intelligence after being exposed to radioactive materials. They used their wits to create Gorilla City, but Grodd quickly overtook the city and sought to conquer the rest of the world as well. This brought him into conflict with the Flash and caused him to often lose his grip on Gorilla City. His goal of conquering always remained no matter what universe he was in, making him a versatile villain who could show off and wreak havoc in the flash.

the red death

Bruce Wayne (aka The Red Death)
(DC Comics)

The Red Death is an alternate version of Bruce Wayne who defeated the Flash and absorbed his powers. He became a speedster known as Batman: The Red Death. Wayne initially did this as a desperate move to save his crumbling home world. When that plan failed, he joined the Dark Knights on their quest to conquer the multiverse instead. While Michael Keaton will play an alternate version of Batman in the flash, some speculate that several Batmans and Flashes could appear in the film. If so, Red Death would be perfect for its debut as a mix of Batman and Flash that captures both their fears and their darker instincts.

johnny quick

Johnny Quick Crime Syndicate
(DC Comics)

Earth-Three’s Johnny Quick was a supervillain born with super speed who later used a helmet to further enhance his powers. He formed the powerful Crime Syndicate of America which sought to take over the world and fought alternate versions of the Justice League and the Justice Society of America (JSA). What’s particularly interesting about Quick is that he and his Crime Syndicate were the only superpowered beings on Earth-Three. While the flashThe alternate universe of doesn’t include metahumans, perhaps Quick and an evil version of the JSA might be the exception to that, as they are in the comics.

(featured image: DC Comics)

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