The 9 favorite sunscreens of celebrities to protect the skin in 2023

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While many on-trend beauty shoppers spend their day in the sun, SPF is a staple that stars swear by forever.

After all, virtually every celebrity has espoused the importance of sunscreen over the years — from Jennifer Lopez saying she uses it “every day” to Nicole Kidman once telling Allure she even reapplies hers “every day.” 90 minutes, every day.

Experts echo the importance of sun protection, including board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman, who tells Page Six Style that “wearing sunscreen every day” is “crucial to prevent accumulated sun damage”.

You do not know where to start ? We’ve listed all the sunscreens celebrities have raved about, along with tips on how to apply them.

How to choose sunscreen

When it comes to choosing protection, Engelman recommends a sunscreen with “at least SPF 30” for everyday use and “SPF 50 or more” if you “spend more time exposed to UV rays.” .

Either way, she insists on “broad-spectrum” formulas to protect against both UVA and UVB rays and looks for “skin-friendly,” non-comedogenic products with moisturizing benefits and ingredients like antioxidants. – plus, when it comes to environmental considerations, “formulations that are legitimately reef-safe.”

Her favorites include ISDIN’s Eryfotona Ageless Sunscreen ($66) — a pick that she says “not only protects skin from sun damage, it also helps repair existing damage and fight signs of sunburn.” aging” — and the Skinbetter Tone Smart Compact ($65) for pure tinting.

ISDIN sunscreen and its box

ISDIN Eryfotona Ageless Sunscreen ($66)

How to apply sunscreen

Engelman advises applying sunscreen as the “last step” in your morning routine – either after moisturizer or instead of it, depending on your skin type and “whether the sunscreen formula is moisturizing enough. “.

She recommends a “nickel-sized amount” for the face and “a quarter-sized amount” for the neck and décolletage. (Also, “about 1 ounce of product” for the body if you will be exposed to the sun.)

The same advice applies even on cloudy days or when “you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors”. Engelman warns, “We are constantly exposed to UV rays and environmental aggressors in all weather conditions and in all seasons.”

Below, check out (and buy) nine other sunscreen products celebrities swear by.

Elta® Sunscreen

While stars can have access to every skincare product under the sun, Elta MD’s formulas are a repeat favorite. Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have both praised the product — which the latter star mixes with the equally celebrity-favorite SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum ($182) — while Brooke Shields once told Elle that she applied “every day – even in winter”.

Hailey Bieber, meanwhile, is a fan of the tinted version, Elements UV Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF ($40), as she told the same outlet, “A lot of sunscreen makes my skin break out, and this has been my holy grail.

Supergoop sunscreen

Super goof! and superstars just might be a made in Hollywood match. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Mindy Kaling has dropped the name of the brand’s broad-spectrum invisible sunscreen, which is both lightweight and antioxidant-rich.

Beauty professionals are also obsessed, as celebrity facialist Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine recommended sunscreen to Page Six Style in 2022.

A bottle of gold Epicuren sunscreen

Tracee Ellis Ross’ beauty kit includes this mineral sunscreen formula. “It looks natural. Some sunscreens aren’t good if you’re a person of color,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2017.

A tube of Alastin sunscreen

When Martha Stewart isn’t breaking thirst traps or posing in swimsuits for Sports Illustrated, she’s taking her skincare regimen seriously. The star, who counts this water-resistant formula among her favorites, previously told Page Six Style that her skincare rules include “never leave the house without a good sunscreen.”

While ditching their skincare routines, stars like Pamela Anderson are calling out these drops. The ‘Baywatch’ actress pulled the broad-spectrum SPF 30 formula out of her handbag during an ‘In the Bag’ interview with Vogue, while Hailey Bieber once posted a photo of an empty bottle on her Instagram stories.

A white tube of Drunk Elephant sunscreen
drunk elephant

Selena Gomez knows sunscreen is “good for you.” The star applied some of that broad-spectrum formula — from a brand that Kaia Gerber and Khloé Kardashian also love — in a Vogue video showcasing her daily makeup routine.

A blue bottle of Nivea sunscreen

Meghan Markle was spotted with this blue baby bottle in 2019 when she attended a polo match with baby Archie. It makes sense the star would turn to Nivea for sunscreen, as she reportedly told Beauty Banter that she uses her Skin Firming Moisturizing Body Lotion ($9) “religiously.”

A silver tube of Skinceuticals sunscreen

Looking for a model must-have? Kaia Gerber loves this formula, which offers a “universal shade” according to the product description “improves your skin tone and boosts radiance.”

“My mom’s advice was always to take care of your skin but don’t overdo it,” the star wrote of mom Cindy Crawford in a 2017 Glamor essay, adding, “I love everything about SkinCeuticals , but especially their tinted sunscreen.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops ($150)

A bottle of Dr. Barbara Sturm sun drops
Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm consistently ranks among celebrity favorite skincare brands, and her SPF is no exception. Emma Roberts applied it in a Vogue video showing her mother’s nighttime routine, while January Jones keeps it in her bathroom cabinet.

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