10 Best TV Shows About Badass Female Politicians

Despite many shows focusing on politics, politicians and world affairs, very few focus on women participating in politics. Overall, there may be a dearth of genuine female representation in politics. However, there are always heroines who make big decisions, juggle between private and professional life, and are very sympathetic.

It’s good to see female representation in a male-dominated world, even if it’s on TV screens. There haven’t been many shows with powerful, badass women in politics, so anyone who craves that type of show might enjoy watching one of the top ten shows about them. While not officially there, an honorable mention goes to everyone’s favorite assistant manager, Leslie Knope of Parks and recreation.



ten Kate Wyler, ‘The Diplomat’ (2023)

Picture via Netflix

The last Keri Russell project, The diplomatturned out to be a good netflix feature. Russell is somewhat underrated, but her most famous role in the spy thriller Americans Put her on the list of actresses who can easily play a badass. In The diplomatshe plays Katherine Wyler, a diplomat thrown into a high performing job without much skill for it.

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A lot can relate to being completely new to a position, but with Russell’s portrayal of Wyler, the female perspective comes into the mix. In addition to her new role, Kate Wyler is forced to juggle her private and professional life. The diplomat has a big IMDb score and rave reviews, with many expecting a season 2 renewal.

9 Selina Meyer, ‘VEEP’ (2012-2019)

Despite the satirical nature of VEEPAnd Julia Louis DreyfusSelina Meyer’s stellar and comedic performance is a powerful badass in the world of politics. Across seven seasons of one of the greatest TV comedies ever written, JLD delivers one of the best roles of her career as a driving force, shining as much as she lets the other cast members shine.

Selina Meyer may be rude, power-hungry and deceitful, but does someone inches from the highest position in government look any different? Although everyone on the show is portrayed as polarizing characters, fans can agree that Selina Meyer is one of the best VEEPs of all time – even if it’s on TV.

8 Malen Zubiri, “Intimacy” (2022)


An unlikely entry, but one worth mentioning, is Malen Zubiri from Netflix’s Spanish thriller/drama Intimacy (Intimidad). This eight-episode series features Malen Zubiri (played by Money theftIt is Itziar Ituno), promising candidate for the future mayor of Bilbao, plunged into a scandal after the leak of an intimate video.

The struggle to have his private life disclosed is further aggravated by the content of the video, and Malen doesn’t seem to find a way out. Later, her life intertwines with that of three other women in similar positions. The show may be triggering for some, but it tackles the subject with skill and sensitivity; it’s told purely from Malen’s perspective and is a decent series overall.

7 Alicia Florrick, “The Good Wife” (2009-2016)


Who could imagine a list of badass women in politics without Alicia Florrick? Julianna Margulies played one of television’s most iconic female characters for 156 episodes in The good wife, one of the most enduring female badasses ever written. Alicia Florrick begins as the wife of a disgraced lawyer and politician who must pick up the pieces of his shattered life.

Alicia realizes that her days as a stay-at-home mom are numbered. she returns to the workforce as a litigator to support her children. Although Alicia is technically not a politician, the drama often immerses her in the world of politics, considering how high profile lawyers can be political in many ways. The good wife remains among the most beloved series of all time.

6 CJ Cregg, “The West Wing” (1999-2006)

Allison Janney as CJ Cregg in

Another iconic woman in politics, CJ Cregg, was one of the main characters in the highly publicized series The west wing. Although Allison Janney is famous for many roles and is a beloved actress, she once said that CJ was her favorite character she portrayed and that she “wanted to be CJ”

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CJ Cregg is the publicist and she appears in all 155 episodes of The west wing – a credit she shares with POTUS (Martin Sheen) and the Chief of Staff (John Spencer) and his deputy (Bradley Whitford). In this solid group, CJ brings elegance, intelligence and a certain good-natured competitiveness. She definitely lives up to them and one of the favorite characters in many political dramas.

5 Elizabeth McCord, “Madam Secretary” (2014-2019)

Tea Leoni in
Picture via CBS

CJ Cregg and Alicia Florrick walked so Elizabeth McCord could run. Viewers do not see Leoni tea so much more, but she has always shown great talent. Her most famous role was that of Liz McCord in the hit series lady secretaryoften compared to The west wing but never contained so much drama or heaviness.

Liz McCord is a college professor who has suddenly been given the job of Secretary of State. Like Kate Wyler in The Diplomat, Liz must find her place in her new career, challenge after challenge. Adversity turns her into a badass politician by the end of the series, making her growth through 120 episodes the perfect binge watch.

4 Olivia Pope, ‘Scandal’ (2012-2018)

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal
Picture via ABC

Another badass woman in politics without whom such a list would be impossible is Olivia Pope from the hit series Scandal. Beautifully staged by Kerry Washington, Olivia demonstrates exceptional intelligence and mastery over all the political misfortunes that come her way. Although she is also not a politician, she is about to make some big political decisions.

Olivia Pope is the former White House communications director who ventures into opening her own business – dealing with political scandals. Shonda Rhimescreated the series and, although not her first appearance in show business, she cemented her position as one of Hollywood’s most entertaining and engaging writers.

3 Birgitte Nyborg, “Borgen” (2010-2022)

Borgen lead actress Sidse Babett Knudsen
Picture via Netflix

Fans of Scandinavian drama/thrillers will enjoy knowing that Borgen is available to watch on netflix. The series first ran from 2010 to 2013, showing three thrilling seasons about Danish Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen); Season 4 was released in 2022 as an official sequel to the events that took place almost ten years ago.

Borgen is a gripping show, not just for Birgitte Nyborg as the title character – it has a strong plot, the dialogue is excellent, and the performances are outstanding. Nyborg grows from a seemingly innocent young civil servant to a seasoned politician with the necessary skills. For anyone looking to see a badass politician take the reins, Borgen is perfect.

2 Claire Underwood, “House of Cards” (2013-2018)

Claire Underwood

Is there anyone more powerful in the United States than POTUS? The deep respect that Cabinet members and the entire American political landscape have for the President is what most politicians covet. In Netflix is ​​highly rated Card castlethe one who manages to reach this peak is Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

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First introduced as the wife of Congressman Frank Underwood, Claire is seen as brooding and calculated. She’s like the less satirical Selina Meyer, but not as likeable as Birgitte Nyborg. Claire’s success at the end of the show paints her as a badass not to be messed with; she makes the sacrifices she deems necessary, finding herself more powerful than her husband.

1 Queen Elizabeth II, ‘The Crown’ (2016-2023)

Queen Elizabeth II during her coronation.  Courtesy of Netflix

Probably the most powerful woman in the world was the Queen of the United Kingdom – Elizabeth II. Sure, Claire Underwood is America’s most influential politician, but the UK has wielded enormous global power, largely thanks to Elizabeth II’s family. The Queen has been portrayed in film and television many times – from the mighty Helene Mirren to a range of actresses in Netflix The crown.

In The crownElizabeth II is played by Claire Foy, Olivia ColmanAnd Imelda Staunton at various stages of his life. The series garnered huge praise and attention from audiences, becoming one of the most-watched Netflix series of all time. Whatever people think of the English royal family, they cannot deny Elizabeth II as one of the most influential women in politics.

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