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Frédéric Quiring’s comedy narrowly takes control of the box office ahead of Kim Chapiron’s drama, with a promising launch. Misanthrope complete the podium.

Shy start for Our tiny little weddingwhich brings together 25,000 people on Wednesday, more or less the equivalent of the launch of The very very high class in August 2022, the previous feature by Frédéric Quiring which had accumulated less than 400,000 admissions. Faithful to UGC Distribution, the director also signs a less good start, previews understand, that with my reum (47,000 tickets in 2018, 800,000 at the final) but more than Sales gossip (32,000 tickets in 2017, 660,000 in total).

The performance of the new products is to the credit of the young imamsecond with nearly 23,000 spectators gathered outside AP and an excellent average of 43 spectators per screening, the best posted by a recommended art house film in 2023. Sheitan (26,000 admissions in 2006, 315,000 in the end) in Kim Chapiron’s filmography, the drama distributed by Le Pacte is the best post-Covid launch on a combination of less than 200 prints. To see if the film will manage to maintain this momentum, especially on the outskirts of Paris, despite public returns for the time being contrasted (rating of 2.9 on AlloCiné).

At Metropolitan, Misanthrope by Damian Szifron embarks 10,000 onlookers, i.e. twice less than The New Savagesthe Argentinian director’s sketch film, launched at Cannes and released in 2015. On the other hand, it is in the wake of Black light (final at 166,000 last year) and more than Marlowe (7,000 first day tickets then 82,000 in the end), also distributed by Metropolitan.

On the side of Ad Vitam, When you are older by Andréa Bescond and Eric Métayer (12,000 tickets) struggles to repeat the performance of the duo’s first film, Tickleswhich had attracted nearly 20,000 spectators (AP included) in 2018 on a tighter release plan (845 sessions vs 986).

At Art House, Hokusai by Hajime Hashimoto is having a nice launch with an average of 29 curious people per screening and promising word-of-mouth (rating of 3.7 on AlloCiné). The biopic on the famous Japanese painter is off to a better start than The Asada Family (6,000 tickets without AP) and the best for a Japanese film (excluding animation) since A family matter (18,800 admissions in 2018).

Distributed by Zinc on behalf of Orange Studio, My tongue to the cat does not repeat the fine performance of Small Victories by Mélanie Auffret premiered in early March (41,000 tickets with AP). The comedy thus represents the worst start in the filmography of director Cécile Telerman, far behind The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles (33,000 tickets in 2014), Something to say (33,000 in 2009) and all for clear (43,000 in 2005).

Despite a duration of 3 hours, handsome is scared by Ari Aster wins the third best average of starts (16 entries per screening) with nearly 5,000 moviegoers endowed on Wednesday and 9,000 including APs. Launched by ARP Sélection and Originals Factory on half as many prints as the filmmaker’s first two films, the dramatic comedy carried by Joaquin Phoenix is ​​not so far from its predecessors Midsommar (10,500 admissions in 2019) and Heredity (14,500 in 2018).

At Memento, burning days by the Turkish Emin Alper captivates 4,000 curious people and 10,000 with the APs, not far from the 11,000 spectators ofLike Bestas by Rodrigo Sorogoyen last year (328,000 admissions in the end), and above Nights of Mashhad and of NMR (about 3,500 tickets each).

Distributed by JHR, Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous of Wissam Charaf start logically above Fell from the sky, the filmmaker’s previous film released on half as many prints (669 admissions vs. 279). Finally, complicated launch for Noémie says yes which confirms the fears shared a month ago by its distributor Wayna Pitch regarding the release schedule.

R Movie Distributer Starters PA Sessions Avg cumulation
1 OUR LITTLE LITTLE WEDDING TOS 25,039 12,685 1,761 14 37,724
2 THE YOUNG IMAM THE PACT 22,785 2,332 533 43 25 117
3 MISANTHROPE METROPOLITAN 10,515 894 12 10,515
4 WHEN YOU ARE OLDER ADVITAM 8,038 4,194 986 8 12,232
5 HOKUSAI ART HOUSE 7,842 605 266 29 8,447
6 MY CAT LANGUAGE ZINC/ORANGE 6,531 2,140 953 7 8,671
7 BEAUTIFUL AFRAID ARP SELECTION 4,888 4,311 301 16 9,199
8 HOT DAYS MEMENTO 4,332 5,739 296 15 10,071
ten NOEMIE SAYS YES PITCH WAYNA 640 2,732 93 7 3,372
Sources of figures: Distributors | Showtimes: Schedule Dashboard by The Boxoffice Company.

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