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‘It’s my holy grail’: Jason Momoa makes the buzz on the new Apple TV show

Almost a year after the show was first announced, Jason Momoa is praising his upcoming Apple TV+ series, War chief. While Momoa is best known for his roles in hit films such as Aquaman And Dunes, he also touched the small screen. Two of his first major roles were lead roles in TV shows the north coast And Atlantis Stargate. Recently, he ran Apple TV See and will soon be on another show for the streamer, War chief.


In an interview with men’s healthMomoa highlighted her role in the upcoming War chief series. He called the role his “Holy Grail“, expressing that he has fulfilled his biggest dream as an actor. The reason why the project is so special for him is that it is a historical drama following the true story of the warlord Ka’iana Momoa was born in Hawaii and her father is of Native Hawaiian ancestry, meaning War chief is an opportunity for him to tell the story of his people. Check out his statement below:

[It’s my] holy grail, my baby and my dream. It’s like my Brave heart Or Dance with Wolves. I never would have thought it would be this big. It’s the hardest, toughest, most demanding thing I’ve ever done. This is the last great dream I have left. Everything else is just kind of “actor for hire”, but it’s my tribute to my people. We have so many great stories in Hawaii that no one knows about. All I care about is doing well with my people. [The show is] for Indigenous children growing up understanding that we were warriors and where we came from and understanding that there was a language that was stripped from us. Like most native tribes, everything is taken from us. It’s like rebuilding and rebuilding those bridges.

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Jason Momoa as Serious Arthur Curry in Aquaman

Momoa’s excitement for War chief is bound to increase the anticipation of the series. The original Apple TV series was first announced in April 2022 when Momoa’s casting in the lead role was simultaneously announced. Not much was known about Momoa’s role originally, but it was later confirmed that he would portray Ka’iana. Keawe-Kaʻiana-a-Ahuula, better known as Ka’iana, was a Hawaiian warrior who lived from 1775 to 1795. Ka’iana was one of the first Native Hawaiians to travel to the United States and China and was an important figure in Hawaii’s unification history.

In addition to starring in the series, Momoa is expected to write and produce War chief, ensuring that the project will align with its vision of honoring Hawaii’s native people and history. In the meantime, Boba Fett’s BookTemuera Morrison was cast in the series as King Kahekili, a notable warrior leader and the King of Maui. Luciane Buchanan and Kaina Makua will play Ka’ahumanu and Kamehameham respectively. Ka’ahumanu was the wife of Kamehameha, who created the Hawaiian Kingdom.

War chief will explore Ka’iana’s travels abroad and what he learned on his home island during those travels and will explore the unification of Hawaii, in which Kamehameha launched a conquest to bring all the islands under his reign. Filming took place in Hawaii from October to December last year, as well as in New Zealand from January. The series will consist of a total of eight episodes, although a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Source: Men’s Health

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