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Chinese distributor Pablo Reno on the importance of box office collection in deciding which Indian film will be released in China

Chinese film producer and distributor Pablo Reno, who was invited as a guest at FICCI Frames 2023, shared his thoughts on the relationship between Indochina and films. He pointed to the growing demand for Indian cinema in China. The panel discussion explored cross-cultural exchanges between the two countries in the context of cinema, and Pablo Reno also spoke about the global expansion of Indian cinema. Ren’s presence at the event was greatly appreciated by attendees, who found his insights enlightening and stimulating. The discussion proved to be a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn and share their views on current trends and the future of the industry. Excerpts from the interview:

On what basis do you choose the films that you think will be released in China?

OK so out of indian cinema or other theatrical foreign cinema in china the first thing we think about is whether it’s commercial or not because you know Using the biz model as the investment income our investment would be mg rights, public relations fees, plus other additional monies. So in this kind of content, so we will check how many cinemas we can occupy if we can be occupied. One way or another, like a third, a third of the tracing numbers, we will.

How important is box office collection in deciding which movie to release in China?

In fact, the box office is in India or in other countries is there. It’s already done. It’s not business, it’s their market. So that’s one of the things that allows us to think about whether it’s OK or not, but we kind of have data like whether the market or the box office of foreigners or overseas territories sea ​​is 5, so we divide by 5. So, to see, we only expect less.

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Expect less than 1, so that means to be seen. For example, I mean, for example, 100 is in other countries so we only accept 20 so we divide by 5. So that’s if that kind of box office we can keep.

For example, scale the ladders, it’s fine. You have another point, okay? So we don’t expect a hundred, we expect less, we divide by 5:00. So if we count what kind of box office we have, we will.

OK, so I specify what he means in relation to this number of 100 as for example if in India the charts of the film did very well at the box office at the top so they are divided in this proportion. Yes, this is just one element to allow us to think about this, but the most important thing is the story.

How important is the content of the film to you?

Family, women, children, and something very emotional and something very active, something very deep but not philosophical. But it is very low. It’s very everyday. It is. how sort of like what happened in China. That’s it.

How do you think the content is and how important is it to you?

It’s so important, it’s one hundred percent about the content, but you know with the good. Regarding the content or the quality of the stories, we also did the PR, now the PR is also balanced, which allows the content to fly properly. The next issue in a case film does not do exceptionally good business in India, but it does have a gripping plot.

Will you consider being released in China or will you give him an escape? In case? Otherwise, the commercial success in India means that the cinema did not do well in India, but the story is good. Do you think you would consider this kind of film in China?

Yes of course. Of the first three, the most important is content. And if it doesn’t work well in India or other countries, there would be reasons. So we don’t know.

So if that kind of story or headline came to us we’ll check it out and let you know, we have, we have our subscribers, we’ll invite different aspects of for subscribers to have a private screen and we’ll give them the point that we will give the least. Train and we will all fall. Complete the forms at the points indicated. So if the point average is over 6, that’s it. Let’s do this.

Who are the Bollywood actors dominating the Chinese market?

Oh my God, it’s so easy. I think everyone knows that. The Three Khans, because you know, as I collect, as I knew, the number of issues of the films of these three hands takes a third, even all the Indian films there. I even thought of remaking a Bollywood movie in Chinese language, without doubling the O remake rights of any Bollywood movie.

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