Despite a box office failure, 2006 DC movie still beats Christopher Nolan’s Batman opens with a whopping $195 million

The world of visual media may have exploded with a major hurricane of content on both large and small screens, but quality is something only a few could achieve like the good old days. One such example is Christopher Nolan, the mastermind behind The black Knight trilogy, which is considered by many to be one of the most outstanding portrayals of Batman in history.

Christopher Nolan behind the scenes with Christian Bale on the sets of The black Knight

Not only did all three films receive critical acclaim and public admiration, but the combined box office collection was also absolutely phenomenal for any DC film at the time. Although, going back to the year after Batman begins release, another film took over the box office, even though it was considered a commercial disaster.

The Return of Superman Beat Christopher Nolan’s batman begins At the box office!

Brandon Routh as Superman in an image from Superman Returns
Brandon Routh as Superman in a photo by The Return of Superman

Revered as one of the greatest directors of all time for his absolutely masterful cinematic creations, Christopher Nolan certainly lives up to that reputation by delivering it and more. So when he created an all-new iteration of the caped Gotham City crusader, people were more than impressed with his efforts, which made subsequent films both commercially and critically successful. However, it is surprising to learn that The return of Superman, a film that was canceled due to poor box office performance, surpassed the 2005 super hit.

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The film was released in 2006 and saw Brandon Routh as the face of Krypton’s omnipotent superhero. The film follows that of 1987 Superman IV and was targeted as the Kryptonian’s official return to Earth after five years in space. With the success of previous films, Warner Bros. thought this film would become the box office conqueror they had been waiting for.

And although the film grossed $391.1 million, it was not enough for the production company to invest more resources in the series, which led to the cancellation of its pre-sequel. -planned, and therefore of the entire franchise. While on the other hand, Batman begins, a film that grossed $373 million, was given the green light to continue.

The main reason for this was WB’s presumption that since the film was a new take on Batman in very entrenched storylines of adversity, not many people would be interested in watching it. And while the box office was still down by comparison, it was exceptionally better than the company predicted earlier, and the rest is history.

Before Zack Snyder Cast Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh Was Desperate to Play Superman in ‘Man of Steel’ After Superman Debacle Returned

What was wrong with The return of Superman?

A picture from Superman Returns
A still of The Return of Superman

The only thing that stopped Brandon Routh’s continued reign as the Man Of Steel, aside from the relatively unimpressive box office collection, was his lack of appeal to wider audiences. Seeing like Superman IV was released in 1987, the film was desperately trying to connect with that film, which meant relying on nostalgia for Christopher Reeve’s films as a beacon of hope. This led to new fans and audience members feeling left out and confused.

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The return of Superman, streaming on HBO Max.

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