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Event Horizon TV Show Has A Villain Problem To Overcome

from Amazon Prime Event horizon TV shows face a tricky problem when it comes to the portrayal – or lack thereof – of the show’s main villains. Event horizon might have bombed at the box office upon release but, over time, the sci-fi horror flick has gradually built up a respectable critical reputation. Event horizon tells the chilling story of a group of astronauts who achieve much more than they bargained for when they board an abandoned spacecraft that reappears after years of mysterious absence. Dark, gothic and dark, Event horizon combined Lovecraftian horror with an outer space setting to great effect.


While director Paul WS Anderson’s film isn’t perfect, Event horizon is an intriguing, clever and chilling horror story. So, it makes sense that Amazon Prime Event horizon The TV show is set to reboot the franchise and reintroduce viewers to the world of the 1997 film. While star Laurence Fishburne said he would be willing to reprise his role on the show, he is not yet clear whether the Event horizon The TV show will pick up after the events of the original film, or if the series re-imagines the film’s story. However, no matter what approach the show takes, Event horizonThe bad guys could prove a problem.

The Event Horizon show that repeats the movie’s villain doesn’t work as well

sam neill as dr weir in event horizon

Event horizonThe follow-up to the TV show might struggle to bring back the atmosphere that made the original film such a hit for so many years. Event horizonThe best scenes rely on ambiguity. Event horizon never reveals how its portal to hell works or the nature of the demonic forces controlling the ship, and that works best for the franchise’s dark, ominous tone. Ideally, viewers should never really see the monstrous forces that led to the events of Event horizonsince this is a case where seeing a monster (or even getting explicit confirmation that an unseen force is working malevolently behind the scenes) would only serve to dull the feeling of horror.

of the fate of Event horizonFrom Captain Miller to the machinations of hellish dimensions, the film’s most memorable moments are all about ambiguity and enigma. Even gruesome glimpses of the Hell Dimension are largely kept off-screen thanks to censorship, and they arguably have more impact as a result. attempts to represent Event horizonThe unseen-on-screen villains would sabotage the original film by making its events relatively less since they didn’t feature an encounter with the franchise’s “real” villain. However, this creates a major problem for Event horizon show, since revisiting the story of a person becoming an avatar for Event horizonThe evil would be too repetitive.

The Event Horizon show can’t show its real villains without problems

Event-Horizon-Amazon-Prime Series

The creators of Event horizonthe TV show’s are caught up in a catch-22. Showing Unreleased Villains From The Movie Would Do The Original Event horizon somewhat redundant, while not showing the forces behind the events of the film would be frustrating. Recreate Sam Neill’s Event horizon the possession plot would be derivative, but offering a more literal take on the film’s faceless villains would be too obvious and could sabotage the show’s fear factor. As is Event horizon The TV show could face a major difficulty when it comes to determining how well to portray the franchise’s antagonists.

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