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Evil Dead Rise makes 10 times the box office of the original movie in opening weekend

In its only opening weekend, Evil Dead Rise will earn more at the box office than diabolical deathof the entire national box office. Evil Dead Rise premiered on April 21 and marked the fifth installment of the evil Dead franchise after a 10-year break. The last time a evil Dead the film premiered in 2013, with evil Deadsoft restart. Although the reboot was well received, Evil Dead Rise serves as a sequel to the original trilogy which began in 1981 with the premiere of diabolical death. So far, Evil Dead Rise was a success, both critically and commercially.


As reported by Deadline, Evil Dead Rise earned $23.5 million at the box office in its opening weekend, nearly 10 times more than the $2.4 million diabolical death won overall at the box office. If adjusted for inflation, the original movie made around $8 million, but Evil Dead Rise overwrites that amount again. The difference in box office receipts shows how much the evil Dead The franchise has grown in popularity and garnered a cult following since its initial release.

What does the future of Evil Dead look like?

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Despite battling the box office giant, The movie Super Mario Bros., Evil Dead Rise is holding firm and is having a very promising opening weekend. This, combined with Evil Dead RiseThe positive reviews of, can raise questions about the continuation of the evil Dead franchise. While the franchise has become a beloved horror franchise, it has lacked consistency. After diabolical death, it took six years for a sequel to be made, and then another six years for the third installment to hit theaters. These gaps, however, were nothing compared to the 20-year gap that followed.

army of darkness, the final installment of the original trilogy, released in 1993, and it wasn’t until 2013 that Fede Álvarez ventured into the franchise with a reboot. Ten years after the 2013 reboot and 30 years after the conclusion of the trilogy, Evil Dead Rise finally hits theaters. Now many are wondering if there will be another 10-20 year gap between the movies or if there will be another movie at all. Thankfully, Bruce Campbell, the franchise’s original star, gave a promising update on the future.

Campbell revealed the Raimi brothers and he was interested in continuing the franchise if Evil Dead Rise succeeded. Furthermore, he suggested that they would aim for a much shorter time frame of two or three years between evil Dead films, the Raimi brothers creating a evil Dead bible for future filmmakers to reference and keep things on track. Therefore, there are tentative plans to maintain the franchise more consistently in the future. Whether Evil Dead Rise continues to perform well at the box office, this could be the deciding factor in whether these plans will come to fruition.

Source: Deadline

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