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Fear the Walking Dead season 8: trailer, release date, cast and info to know

The first spin-off in The Walking Dead The universe comes to an end in May, just after the flagship series’ finale in 2022. Fear the living dead heads into its eighth and final season, with Lennie James and Kim Dickens sharing lead roles as Morgan Jones and Madison Clark, respectively. Like previous seasons, season 8 will be split into two parts but with an order limited to 12 episodes.

With new Walking Dead spin-offs featuring original characters from the main series coming to AMC, it’s easy for Fear the living dead get lost in the mix. Alas, it’s the only spin-off to hold up for the long haul. The Walking Dead: World Beyond only lasted two seasons and Tales of the Living Dead has not yet been renewed for a second season. For eight years, Fear the living dead remained a constant for TWD fans looking for more zombie action and delicately complicated characters while the flagship series was on hiatus. Now, the spinoff is set to be an epic conclusion that will determine the fate of the current cast of living characters in the post-apocalyptic series.


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When and where can viewers watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8?

Morgan looks scared in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8

AMC has set May 14 as the official premiere date for the final planned season. Unlike previous seasons, Season 8 episodes will not premiere a week early on AMC+; each episode will air the same day on AMC and AMC+. Andrew Chambliss and Ian B. Goldberg will continue to serve as showrunners for Fear the living dead Season 8. The directors currently attached to the final season are Michael Satrazemis (known for directing several highly acclaimed films TWD universe episodes, one of which is “The Grove”), Heather Cappiello and Ron Underwood.

Who fight the walkers in Fear the Walking Dead season 8?

Madison and Morgan from Fear the Walking Dead approach an enemy.

Back from the dead (but not in zombified fashion) is Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, who was presumed dead after sacrificing herself at the stadium in season 4. Alongside Lennie James as Morgan Jones, she takes center stage to proclaim her title as queen. of Fear the living dead and has a darker side to her this time around. The biggest new cast member to be confirmed is Zoey Merchant as eight-year-old Mo, who will replace infant Mo after Fear the Walking Dead seven-year time jump. Other longtime actors and characters supporting Dickens and James include Emmy-winning actor Colman Domingo as anti-hero Victor Strand, Danay Garcia as Luciana “Lucy” Galvez, and Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar.

Original Walking Dead Stars Austin Amelio and Christine Evangelista return as Dwight and Sherry, who are expecting a baby and head straight for the child abduction ring that PADRE runs. Alexa Nisenson returns as Charlie, who was last seen dying of radiation poisoning. Fans are eager to see her meet Madison, since Charlie murdered her son Nick, which will leave Madison between a rock and a hard place. And, of course, no one can forget the dynamic women of FTWD who circulate wisdom during traumatic times: Mo Collins as Sarah Rabinowitz, Karen David as Grace Mukherjee and Jenna Elfman as June Dorie.

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Is there a trailer for season 8?

AMC has released an official trailer for Fear the living dead Season 8 in March, setting high expectations for the next zombie fighting adventure. The trailer puts Morgan front and center, urging someone offscreen to take an active role in the fight for his survival. It also shows the main characters working for PADRE’s plans and gives a glimpse of eight-year-old Mo and Sherry and Dwight after the time jump. The biggest kick, however, is the return to Georgia where Morgan’s journey began, leaving many wondering what his purpose is back home where his son and wife died.

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What are the story details for Season 8?

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 preview image of Kim Dickens as Madison Clark.

Fear the living dead Season 7 was a bumpy and often misguided story of deja vu. Like previous seasons, the show has split its puppet characters through a mind-boggling expedition that ultimately reunites them. If you pick up where Season 7 left off, deja vu will strike again, as Madison and Morgan make their way to PADRE with the remaining survivors stranded on the water. But it looks like the final season will take some drastic directions to keep things fresh for fans who stuck around until the end. Below is Fear the living deadSynopsis of Season 8:

“Unfolding in two parts, the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead kicks off with the first six episodes following the plans of Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison (Kim Dickens) to save Mo (Zoey Merchant) from PADRE and seven-year-old later – Morgan, Madison, and the rest of the people they brought to the island live under the cynical rule of PADRE With our characters demoralized and discouraged, the task of rekindling everyone’s belief in a better world is no one whom Morgan and Madison decided to save in the first place – a now eight-year-old Mo.”

With a seven-year time jump, Mo will play a big part in the final mission, like Judith Grimes did in The Walking Deadis the last season. Given that the first six episodes will kick off the time jump, it’s likely the rest of the season will follow Morgan and Madison’s efforts to take down PADRE, while revealing more about his exacting and inhuman system. Luckily, the showrunners have already teased that the characters will come together to join forces and Madison is unlike any version seen before, so PADRE will have an unexpected storm coming its way.

What people are most interested in is whether the final season will tie in with other Walking Dead properties. Morgan returns to King County, Georgia, where he first met Rick Grimes, but Rick is away from his hometown at the moment. Lennie James hinted that Morgan’s final mission is to find some peace after taking care of the people he loves – maybe reuniting with Rick is the closure he needs to do that.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 premieres May 14 on AMC and AMC+.

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