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Hillsong Celebrity Megachurch Accused of ‘Child Abuse, Labor Abuse and Sexual Assault’ in FX Docuseries (Video)

Based on its debut trailer, FX’s upcoming Hillsong Church docuseries looks to be as explosive as its subject matter.

In this first look at “Secrets of Hillsong,” the series accuses Hillsong of “child abuse, labor abuse, and sexual assault.” The four-part series is set to premiere on FX on May 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The trailer features interview footage of disgraced former pastor Carl Lentz. The celebrity pastor served as a spiritual advisor to Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner before he was fired in 2020. According to Hillsong Global Pastor Brian Houston, Lentz was fired for “leadership issues and breach of trust, as well as than a recent revelation of morality”. chess.” But as the docuseries teases, there may be more to this story.

“You don’t want to be in that chair. I can’t stress it enough,” Lentz says in the trailer. “I had big lies.”

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Hillsong Church is a global megachurch that has earned a reputation for two things: its long list of controversies and its famous members. Hillsong has long been criticized for his views on homosexuality and Houston’s remarks that the church would accept LGBT people who did not follow a “gay lifestyle”. He has also been involved with a controversial anti-abortion charity and has come under fire for his late response to Black Lives Matter.

These are the scandals that the public usually hears about. Hillsong has also been accused of embezzling government-issued funds, covering up the sexual abuse of its founder’s father and his own history of sexual assaults within the church. Despite this long list of scandals, the church has been a mainstay for a certain subset of Hollywood. In addition to the Biebers, Gomez and Jenner, Kevin Durant, Nick Jonas, Sophie Turner, Vanessa Hudgens, Kourtney Kardashian, Austin Butler or Bono attended the religious organization.

“The Secrets of Hillsong” is based on the explosive reporting of church scandals by “Vanity Fair” reporters Alex French and Dan Adler. Directed by Stacey Lee (“Olivia Rodrigo: Drive Home 2u”), the docuseries will feature exclusive interviews with Carl and Laura Lentz following their public ousting. The series will also feature original reporting and analysis from journalists, historians and policymakers as it “goes beyond sensational headlines and behind the velvet rope to examine the church’s long tendency to cover up wrongdoing for to protect yourself. “

The four-part series is produced by Scout Productions and “Vanity Fair” studios. David Collins, Joel Chiodi, Michael Williams, Rob Eric, Agnes Chu, Dan Adler, Sarah Amos and Alex French will serve as the series’ executive producers.

Watch FX’s “The Secrets of Hillsong” trailer above.

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