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Wait, ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ sure looks like it. . . Alright

I haven’t been an enthusiastic fan of The Walking Dead in a very long time. The main show bounced back from a disastrous two-season War of the Saviors era and gave us a pretty good Whisperer arc, but the show ended with a groan in the long labor of a final season. Meanwhile, the fallout Fear the living dead And world beyond have been mostly awful. The series as a whole has been mediocre at best lately, and for many viewers it has exhausted its welcome.

But I have to admit, The Walking Dead: The Dead City actually it looks really good. At least whoever did the last trailer did a damn good job, because for the first time, my interest is piqued. Check it out:

After the last trailer I felt pretty skeptical about this show and spent most of my post joking about how Maggie and Negan should hook up (mainly because a lot of people react really angrily at this suggestion, which I find hilarious).

I’m whistling a different tune after watching this trailer, though. Several things work for me here:

  • Manhattan’s urban environment is great. I always wished The Walking Dead would do more in cities, but this show mostly stuck to small towns and the countryside after the first season’s Atlanta arc. This change of scenery is superb and the extent of the horde of zombies is impressive.
  • Speaking of zombies, we get some seriously wild looking for mutated/evolved undead in this trailer. I don’t know what the story behind these things is, but I can’t wait to learn more.
  • In fact, I ended up liking Negan more than almost any other character in The Walking Dead so I’m always happy to spend more time with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I also think that Negan and Maggie have crackling chemistry (whether it gets romantic or not) and that Lauren Cohan was never my favorite (her accent never clicked for me, then they wrote it in the corner after Glenn’s death) I think she has her moments. She had one of the only good scenes in all of Season 11, and maybe this new show will give her a great chance to develop her character.
  • Hershel is much older now!
  • Zeljko Ivanek plays the villain known only as Croat, and I’m curious about his history with Negan and where the whole kidnapping arc takes us.

Above all, it was just a top-notch trailer with great music and editing that makes it all so much more exciting and tense than anything we’ve seen from The Walking Dead in a hot minute. What do you think? let me know about Twitter or facebook.

Oh, and AMC also released key art for the show with the tagline “Keep Your Enemies Close.” Perhaps “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” would be more appropriate.

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