What happened on I’m a Celebrity South Africa? Episode 7 Recap

We’re heading into week 2 of I’m a Celebrity South Africa, and as we watched Shaun Ryder and Gillian McKeith get knocked off the show last week, we said goodbye to another campmate in the tonight’s episode (Tuesday, May 2).

It wasn’t long before two more people from the I’m a Celebrity alumni database were invited back, with Dean Gaffney (2006 contestant) and Joe Swash (2008 winner) heading to the Savannah for more Bushtucker antics.

But who was the last to go and what did the camp mates do in tonight’s episode? Here’s everything you missed in Episode 7.

What happened on I’m a Celebrity South Africa? Episode 7 Recap

Tonight’s episode of I’m a Celebrity South Africa opened with campmates reeling from the news that they would be voting out one of their comrades for the upcoming savage elimination. However, Amir Khan was quick to speak out, saying he would be happy to return home and missed his family.

After each of the celebs had their say in the Bush Telegraph, they went to bed dreading the news of the morning elimination – and it’s safe to say none of them slept well this night !

Amir Khan has become the latest campmate to leave the South African show. TVI

The next morning, Ant and Dec arrived and announced that Amir – who had just been emptying the toilet with Phil Tufnell – would be the next person to leave camp. After saying goodbye and a few tears from Paul Burrell, Amir said he had “one of the best experiences” of his life on the show and that it was better than his time in the Australian jungle, which is quite an achievement considering there were no strawberries to scoff at this time.

Back at camp, the celebrities began discussing Coronation Street storylines, which led to a discussion of coercive control.

“What I love about this camp is that one minute you can be talking about your favorite pizza topping and how many scoops of ice cream you can have on your way out, and the next minute you can be talking about very impactful topics,” said Myleene Klass.

Later that day, Carol Vorderman was chosen to take on Tanks of Torment and chose Fatima Whitbread to take on the challenge with her. The test required the countdown star to swim underwater and unscrew the stars from a tank, popping up through various portholes to get some air. Admitting she’s afraid of drowning, Carol struggled throughout the challenge, telling Fatima, “I’m really not happy about this.”

Despite stopping before the last float, Carol managed to earn seven out of 10 stars for the camp. Meanwhile, Paul was teaching his camp mates how to curtsy properly, being very impressed with Helen Flanagan’s skills. “It’s a 10 for me,” he said.

It was then time for new recruits Dean Gaffney and Joe Swash to enter camp, greeted with a food challenge: Flipping Disgusting. They each had the chance to win individual campmates a treat by drinking a vile concoction and Dean was the first, taking a mixed cow vagina to win lemonade for Helen.

Joe Swash and Dean Gaffney.

Joe Swash and Dean Gaffney on I’m a Celebrity South Africa. TVI

Unfortunately, the actor was immediately ill after taking a first sip but managed to earn the treat by finishing the rest. “Do it like a shot, like a Jäger,” Joe said while training him. Joe was next, drinking mixed maggots to win Phil some wine gummies and despite gagging throughout, he managed to drink the thick liquid.

As for how the pair fared in the rest of the trial, we’ll have to tune in tomorrow night to find out how many treats they earned!

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