‘It’s a gift’: Ben Affleck’s $7.2 million box office disaster with Jennifer Lopez turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him

Ben Affleck has the Midas touch in Hollywood with several of his films winning box office gold. The star has played a range of roles from dramas, comedies and thrillers to one of DC’s most famous superheroes, Batman. THE missing girl The star has also proven he’s no one-trick pony as he ventures into screenwriting, directing and producing which has seen the actor become one of the most exciting creative artists in the world. ‘Hollywood.

Oscar winner Ben Affleck

Affleck’s expertise behind the camera earned him 2 Oscars, Best Screenplay for Goodwill hunting and the other for the best film for Argo which Affleck also produced in addition to directing. With the ups always come the downs and Affleck is no stranger to the tough times. Despite some badly received projects, the daredevil star has always had the ability to bounce back from failure. One particular film starring his wife Jennifer Lopez still holds a special place in Affleck’s heart despite a negative response from audiences and critics.

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Gigli Helped Ben Affleck become a director

In 2003, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, then one of Hollywood’s most popular real-life couples, starred together for the first time in Martin Brest’s film. Gigli. The crime rom-com that was supposed to exceed expectations mainly thanks to the casting of “Bennifer”, did the exact opposite and flopped at the box office.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

With wacky dialogue reviews and an incomprehensible storyline, Gigli was brutally shot down by audiences and critics. But that failure turned out to be the fire that ignited Ben Affleck’s desire to get into directing first. Speaking of the positive effect of negativity, Affleck said:

Interestingly, I learned more about the making of this movie than anything else because Marty [Brest] is a brilliant, truly gifted director. If the reaction to Gigli hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t have finally decided, “I don’t really have any other path but to make films”, which turned out to be the real love of my professional life. So in this way it is a gift.

The practical cinema experience he acquired on the set of Gigli as well as an awareness of how films work at the box office, allowed Affleck to use these learnings in his directorial endeavors.

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Is Ben Affleck better director than actor?

There’s no denying that Ben Affleck is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. While The city star has done his fair share of memorable roles, it’s through his writing and directing skills that he’s created some major sparks. This led to a critics section calling him a better director than actor. Some thought that while Affleck didn’t have to stretch too far as an actor and was content to play it safe, his more adventurous and adventurous side came through when he was behind the lens as as a director. However, other critics craned their necks to praise Affleck as an actor-director.

“There is no other filmmaker-actor who, image by image and even by meme, has not given us so much pleasure.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck during the making Argo

Many pundits have even compared Affleck to the iconic Robert Redford, considered the gold standard of actor-turned-directors. With the Justice League star adding another feather to his hat by starting a new production house venture with longtime friend Matt Damon, the sky’s the limit for Ben Affleck.

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