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Major Star Quits I’m A Celeb After Shock Crash Leaves Them ‘Gushing Blood’

JANICE Dickinson has QUIT I’m A Celebrity South Africa after a horrific accident that left her ‘agonizing and gushing with blood’ at the ITV camp.

The Sun’s TV Mag can exclusively reveal that fellow celebrities
be informed of the news in Monday’s episode.


Janice Dickinson QUIT I’m A Celeb after accident left her ‘in agony and gushing blood’1 credit
The 68-year-old fell in the dark as she tried to go to the toilet


The 68-year-old fell in the dark as she tried to go to the toilet1 credit
Janice spoke exclusively to The Sun's TV Mag


Janice spoke exclusively to The Sun’s TV Mag

Today Janice, 68, spoke for the first time about her shock I’m a celebrity exit from this all-star series special – which was taped last year – after an agonizing nighttime fall in the camp that will not be shown to viewers.

“In the middle of a night, I woke up because I had to go to the mannequin [toilet]“said the model and television personality.

“I felt very uncomfortable because the campfire had gone out and it was as dark as possible. So I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll go to the memory dummy. ‘

“I took a few steps and stumbled, flying flat across my face – hair all over my forehead, my nose was bloody and my whole chin was cut. Blood was squirting from all those areas, and there was earth and stones embedded in my face from the fall.

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“All I could feel was a severe pain in my head – one to ten was about a nine – and I was laying there, moaning. It was a freak accident that happened. produced so quickly.”

She continued: “Fatima [Whitbread] and Tuffers [Phil Tufnell] got me off the ground and picked me up, and Phil looked at my face and said, “Oh my dear!” He was trying to hide his fear.

“Fatima is a champion and she walked me in small steps to the bathroom and then the lights started to come on in the campsite. She buttoned me up like a night nurse and lifted me up like a doll of soft cloth.

“I’m moaning and crying at this point because it hurt my head so much.”

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As Janice was helped to her bed, a doctor had already been called.

“[The doctor] said, ‘Oh my God! We have to take him to the medical box so they can wash off the blood, stones and dirt in case an infection sets in,” she continued.

“They relieved me, put me on a stretcher and four men galloped me down the road in the middle of the night in the cold air, two feet off the ground.

“We reached an ambulance and the paramedics put a compress on my forehead and chin. It was bad.

“I was in this little hospital in the middle of nowhere and they called my husband [psychiatrist Robert Gerner]who was in South Africa, to bring him to the hospital.

“After they cleaned my wounds – which was very painful – they gave me a shot of morphine and that’s when I allowed them to touch my face because otherwise it was: ‘Argh !’ Agony.”

Janice's chin was gushing with blood and she had to be rushed to hospital


Janice’s chin was gushing with blood and she had to be rushed to hospital1 credit
Janice's husband Robert Gerner was called to hospital


Janice’s husband Robert Gerner was called to hospitalCredit: Splash News

To read the rest of Janet’s interview, pick up a copy of TV Mag this Saturday, May 6, free from The Sun.

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