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Chad Stahelski Reveals New John Wick TV Show That Could Be Lionsgate’s Mystery Project

Chad Stahelski reveals a new John Wick TV series is in preparation. John Wick expands with spin-off films Ballerina And The Continental, exploring new stories and characters in the universe. To hope Wick jeans 5 was renewed when Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chairman Joe Drake confirmed the next installment was in development during the Q4 2023 earnings call. He also confirmed four spin-offs in the works, in saying: “What’s official is that, as you know, Ballerina is the first spin-off to be released next year. We’re in development on three more, including [John Wick 5] and whose television series, The Continental, will soon air.”


Ballerina, The ContinentalAnd Wick jeans 5 make three, which means there is a mystery John Wick project in development. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for the John Wick Chapter 4 digital and home entertainment release, Stahelski has spoken of his desire to return to the world of John Wick as a director. He is a producer on Ballerina And The Continental, but he’s also open to directing other John Wick stories. Stahelski has revealed that he is working on a new John Wick television series that would allow him to explore more characters within the John Wick universe. Check out the full quote below:

Chad Stahelski: Lionsgate has been incredibly supportive about this, and we’re really trying to get a John Wick TV show going. And that would allow me to tell a lot of stories that maybe wouldn’t support another gigantic feature film, but great characters and great stories that we could do in short form on television. Which would be fantastic.

We are still working, there are many things to settle and to think about. Do we have enough stories? Do people want to see this? But I am also very open to this format. So we’ll see.

Could Chad Stahelski’s John Wick TV Series Be An Anthology?

John Wick talks to the Bowery King

THE John Wick The franchise has earned over a billion dollars and fans are hungry for more. Stahelski has expressed interest in exploring other characters within the John Wick universe, including Bowery King, Akira, Tracker, and Caine. A TV series could be the perfect way to flesh out each of these characters’ stories. A new John Wick The anthology series could be the perfect way to explore new corners of the John Wick universe and focus on different characters without launching a new movie or series for each character.

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If the new John Wick The series is an anthology, it could follow several characters through different eras. A season could explore Akira’s own quest for revenge; another might delve into the Bowery King and the world he controls; a Tracker-focused season could peel back the layers of the High Table; and a Caine season could have multiple possibilities. Either focusing on his retirement or his time as an assassin when he bonded with John Wick and Shimazu Koji. Another possibility is to focus on each character for a single episode or multi-episode arc instead of full seasons.

The world of John Wick is full of intriguing possibilities, with even minor characters introducing exciting possibilities. The Continental will highlight Winston, Charon and the world of the New York Continental Hotel. Ballerina will dive into a new character who is in the early days of training to become an assassin. by Stahelsky John Wick the TV series could give him the opportunity to return to the characters he introduced in the first four John Wick films and further flesh out their stories as well as the lore of this world.

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