Megan Fox Is A Crime Boss In The Gory ‘Johnny & Clyde’ Trailer [Exclusive]

While the Warren Beatty And Faye Dunaway-directed Bonnie and Clyde is almost 60 years old, it is still part of film culture, just like the story of the criminal couple. The titular characters are always very much associated with a destructive relationship in a life of crime, and that’s why the next reimagining of this story, Johnny and Clyde tells you everything you need to know with its title. The film will be released next week, and Collider is thrilled to exclusively debut the action-comedy trailer today.

The trailer for Johnny and Clyde reveals the origins of the title couple: boy meets girl, girl meets boy, both fall in love, boy and girl try to take control of an armored car and kill its guards… you know, the classic love story. Of course, Johnny (before Jogia) and Clyde (Ajani Russell) become ambitious once they manage to pull off a few robberies, leading them to seek out larger and more dangerous targets.


Johnny and Clyde To Megan Fox as princess… of crime

Enter Megan Fox (Jennifer’s body) as crime boss and casino owner Alana Hart. The cruel woman finds the lovebirds united by their detective story, but she will stop at nothing to eliminate one or both. Which means things are going to go wrong. Additionally, the trailer reveals that even though Johnny and Clyde has room for dark humor, it will also be quite a violent experience – and if there are more similarities to the original Bonnie and Clydeyou know how their story could end.

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Johnny and Clyde is led by Tom DeNucciwho previously led Almost Mercy, SkipAnd The Mick and the Thing. DeNucci is co-writing the screenplay with Nick Principlewho worked as a stuntman in movies like The Purge: Election Year And Detention. In an interview with Bloody disgustingTenet revealed that the film is a genre experiment that “starts out as a crime/heist picture” but then evolves to fit the “wall headbutt” tropes with horror and supernatural elements. interview, DeNucci also spoke about the film’s distinct style, saying:

“It’s not a slasher movie, but it draws on some elements of that. You know, it’s got some really good practical effects done by a guy by the name of Doug Sakmann. We went for as much of the reality and practicality versus CGI, so those are the things that it shares with the slasher genre, but there are elements of crime drama in there, and it has kind of a unique approach.

The cast also includes Tyson Ritter (Preacher), Bai Ling (The crow), vanessa angel (Center pivot), Robert La Sardo (The mule) And Armen Garo (The dead).

Johnny and Clyde premieres in theaters and on demand on May 5. You can watch the exclusive trailer below:

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