Lewis Hamilton’s hot celeb walks out after taking Shakira out to dinner

Lewis Hamilton was spotted having dinner and taking a boat trip with Shakira at the Miami Grand Prix. The singer recently split from Barcelona legend Gerard Pique and Hamilton also being single has sparked rumors of a potential relationship.

Express Sport takes a look at the dates of Hamilton’s most famous celebrities.

Nicole Scherzinger

Hamilton is well known for having an on-and-off relationship with ex-Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger. The duo last split in 2016 after spending the better part of seven years together.

The duo met for the first time at the MTV EMAs with Scherzinger a regular in the paddock and garages. She traveled to Brazil to celebrate with Hamilton as he claimed his first world championship crown in 2008.

He recently opened up about his lack of connections to Vanity Fair, where the seven-time champion stressed he was focused on his racing career. He explained, “I realized that I can’t do two or three things at once, I have to focus on one.

“I really wanted to go through a growth process to get to a point where I’m happy on my own, comfortable in my space. So if I ever meet someone, it’s an addition, rather than “I need you in my life”.


Hamilton and Rihanna were spotted spending a lot of time together shortly after Scherzinger’s racing stars split. The couple were spotted vacationing together in Barbados and again in New York.

A source told E! News that Rihanna may be interested in a relationship with the F1 ace. They commented, “Rihanna also hung out with her friends and family, but Lewis was the only romantic interest on her mind.”

However, Hamilton appeared to deny the connection, telling E! “You know, I’ve known Ri for a long time. We’ve been friends for a while. We see each other from time to time. »

Rita Ora

The couple never confirmed it was an object, but again the pair were spotted regularly enjoying each other’s company. They were spotted together at a music studio in 2017, with the pop star even attending a Grand Prix.

She was spotted in the garage at the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as he narrowly missed beating Nico Rosberg for the title.

Veronique Valle

Hamilton took glamorous model Veronica Valle home to Texas after messaging her on Instagram. She has since claimed the Mercedes star was ‘sweet’ but quickly lost her temper in a tell-all interview following their split.

Valle claimed Hamilton threatened to fire his pilot after he went to the bathroom on his private plane and even discussed threesomes. She told The Sun: “I was so embarrassed – nothing happened. But I think he was just joking about the threesomes. As far as I know he never had one.

Juliana Nalu

Nalu was linked to Hamilton after she was supposedly spotted on a trip to Antarctica with Hamilton in January.

Speculation continued to rise over the weekend with Nalu revealing she was in Miami over the weekend, at the same time Hamilton was racing in Florida.

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