Markiplier goes further with the adaptation of the video game “Iron Lung”

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known by the online pseudonym Markiplier, dives deeper into the entertainment industry. Markiplier is best known for his career on YouTube, boasting over 34.7 million subscribers on the platform. He launched his channel in 2012 and became known for gaming videos, especially his Five nights at Freddy’sseries. In 2015, Markiplier passed the 10 million subscriber milestone and became more ambitious with its projects.

In 2019, Markiplier released an interactive comedy special titled A heist with Markiplier. The interactive film follows Markiplier and his assistant as they take part in a heist, allowing the audience to choose from a host of different endings. A heist with Markiplier was very well received by the public and even won a Streamy Award for its creativity and screenplay. As a result, Markiplier released a sequel last year, In space with Markiplier. However, his latest project is even more ambitious: a video game adaptation.

Video game adaptations are gaining popularity with the releases of The last of us And The movie Super Mario Bros.. Now Markiplier is getting on the trend with a film adaptation of the 2022 horror video game iron lung. Markiplier first confirmed he was shooting a movie earlier this year, but declined to give any hints as to what it might be. As a result, fans were shocked and elated when he announced his upcoming iron lung film accompanied by a trailer. Here’s everything we know about iron lung so far.

iron lung post window

So far, iron lung does not have a confirmed release date. However, Collider reported that filming is already underway in Texas, so a release date may not be that far off. After all, Markiplier is self-funding the film, and it’s not expected to be a huge production, although he’s apparently planning a theatrical release. Still, with a fairly modest production, a release date in 2024 or even the end of 2023 is possible.

iron lung trailer

Markiplier announced his iron lung movie on April 21 by releasing the first official trailer. The trailer is very much in keeping with the unsettling aspects of the horror video game: it features the oscillating interior of the submarine – the iron lung– like a voiceover, a loudspeaker or a radio recounts his descent into the unknown. The audio is a little hard to pick up, but the voice explains that the sub is heading for maximum depth and offers some warnings about the need to stay alert. There is a feeling of strangeness and foreboding as the voice worries about irregularities and loss of signal before the small light source and speaker inside the sub go out .

iron lung discard

Markiplier in the Iron Lung movie trailer

Markiplier has confirmed that he is directing and starring in iron lung. His role has not yet been revealed, but he could be the video game’s convict. In the game, the convict is the only playable character and is tasked with guiding a submarine to safety. The character does not speak and no details are known about them, making them quite a flexible character to adapt.

In addition to Markiplier, The Plot Against America Star Caroline Rose Kaplan will also appear in the film in an undisclosed role. Rounding out the cast, David Szymanski, the creator of iron lung game. After the trailer was released, Szymanski confirmed that he was heavily involved in the film, including helping with the script and production. He also revealed that he will have a cameo appearance in the film.

iron lung plot

Video game Iron Lung shot from inside a submarine
(David Szymanski/Dread XP)

iron lungPlot details have not been confirmed. Although it’s an adaptation of the video game, it’s unclear how closely it will follow the game, which has a rather unusual plot. As stated above, the main character is an unnamed mute convict. Meanwhile, the game takes place in a futuristic world where very few humans remain after most planets and stars in the universe have disappeared. Those deep in space were able to survive and discover a desolate moon with an ocean of blood on its surface. Believing the moon may hold the key to mankind’s survival, a convict is tasked with exploring the ocean in a small submarine called the Iron Lung. However, the submarine is not equipped for the voyage, losing signal with the outside world and providing no exits or vantage points outside the submarine.

As a result, the player must navigate an ocean of blood in a tiny submarine without even being able to see where it’s headed other than a map, coordinates, and some photos. iron lung is very claustrophobic and also includes some jumps. While this is a unique and intriguing concept for a game, the paucity of characters, details, and setting raises questions about a film adaptation.

However, Szymanski promised that the adaptation would be “very wild”, suggesting that it could be improved a bit from the game. Ultimately, only time will tell how much iron lung is in its adaptation of Szymanski’s video game.

(featured image: Markiplier)

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