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Trailer for every Monster Easter Egg In The Meg 2 movie

While Meg 2: The Trench promises all-new creature feature action, its trailer is full of references and easter eggs for previous monster movies. The monster movie genre has a long and storied history dating back to the birth of Hollywood. Creature characteristics have been making millions since 1933 King Kong and director Steven Spielberg Jaws is even often called the first modern blockbuster. However, the monster movie story does not end there. The 2018 $530 Million Salary The mega won at the box office proves that the horror subgenre is still doing impressive business decades later, and its upcoming sequel hopes to continue that momentum.

While The mega wasn’t perfect, the 2018 horror hit was a crowd-pleasing monster flick that saw Jason Statham’s Jonas Taylor take on a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark released from a deep-sea trench. The mega provided memorable deaths, tense settings, and a cast of likable characters, though none of these were the film’s main draw. Like any good creature feature, The megaThe main selling point was its titular monster. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Steve Alten, The mega gave his gigantic shark plenty of screen time. Now, to raise the bar, Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer for promises plenty of nods to previous monster movies.



ten jurassic park

T-rex in Meg 2 The Trench trailer

The first reference to a famous monster movie in Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer comes in the first moments of the promo. On a prehistoric beach 65 million years ago, a T-rex roars mightily after catching and killing a smaller dinosaur. The pose of the dinosaur resembles the T-rex in Jurassic parkthe famous final. That is until he was eaten unceremoniously by the Meg, proving that there is a bigger, even deadlier killer in this blockbuster. This gag allows Meg 2: The Trench cheekily mocking Spielberg’s classic blockbuster while emphasizing just how huge the Meg is.

9 Jaws

Three Shark Fins in Meg 2 The Trench Trailer

Speaking of classic Spielberg blockbusters, Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Jaws. There’s a shot of the shark’s eye mirroring the inhabitants of a submarine that reverses the infamous jump scare when the heroes investigate Ben Gardner’s boat, but it’s the more subtle of the two in the promo. Jaws the references. The photo of three massive fins heading for a beach resembles the famous image of the shark’s ominous dorsal fin in Jaws. This image provides Meg 2: The Trenchwith a second, more recognizable reference to the 1975 hit.

8 the abyss

James Cameron's Abyss

While the abyss is more than a standard monster movie, that descriptor still certainly fits director James Cameron’s ambitious 1989 effort. the abyss sees a team of divers encounter aliens on the high seas when they reach the bottom of the ocean in a film that is by turns claustrophobic, scary, and surprisingly awe-inspiring. On the other hand, Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer for promises the sequel will deliver a simpler brand of blockbuster thrills. However, the thalassophobia-inducing image of Jonas’ crew walking on the surface of the trench slabs underwater resembles similar scenes in this classic.

7 The deep blue sea


1999 B-movie by director Renny Harlin The deep blue sea could be filled with references to the Jaws franchise, but that doesn’t mean it’s a worthy homage to the previous blockbuster. The deep blue sea is a bit too silly to be taken seriously and features fewer effective scares than most Jaws movies (except for the sadly bad Jaws: Revenge). However, there are some notable scenes in The deep blue seaAnd Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer reminds viewers of the best. Skyler Samuels Character Death Looks Like Samuel L Jackson’s Memorable The deep blue sea disappearance (although with a larger shark).

6 Mega shark vs giant octopus

Giant squid in Meg 2 The Trench trailer

Released in 2009, Mega shark vs giant octopus is a rare original title from The Asylum. A studio infamous for ripping off Hollywood blockbusters with similar titles, The Asylum came up with an original premise with this story of two prehistoric aquatic titans battling each other. The presence of the octopus in the beach scenes of Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer for implies that he and a Meg will likely face off. So after years of The Asylum copying Hollywood’s efforts, a blockbuster could soon replicate the titular battle of Mega shark vs giant octopus.

5 The host

A man fights a dinosaur in the trailer for Meg 2 The Trench

2006 The host is an eco-friendly monster flick from acclaimed director Bong Joon-Ho. The host tells the story of an overgrown mutated monster that rampages through a South Korean city, killing countless civilians in the process. While Meg 2: The Trench will almost certainly be much lighter than this heartbreaking horror, its trailer still features a notable nod to The host. Dinosaurs chasing their victims on land look like miniature versions of The host‘s monster, the Gwoemul (although they are less likely to be the product of toxic waste dumping).

4 King Kong

Kong hits a plane in King Kong

No monster movie would be complete without a nod to the subgenre’s most famous film. Sure enough, Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer for features a subtle nod to King Kong. Interestingly, the moment doesn’t involve the titular megalodon. Instead, it’s the aforementioned giant octopus that’s seen crashing a helicopter through the sky. The scene looks like King Kong do the same during the film’s iconic climax, although Wu Jing’s heroics Meg 2: The Trench the character apparently survives the ordeal (unlike most of Kong’s victims).

3 3D piranhas

David Hasselhoff saves a boy in Piranha 3DD

The sight of beachgoers partying before being dispersed by the arrival of an aquatic menace resembles the doomed participants of Spring Break in Alexandre Aja’s 2010 hit 3D piranhas. In 3D piranhasthe drunken revelers were quickly attacked and killed by a fleet of prehistoric piranhas, but Meg 2: The TrencMinor h characters might be luckier. The sequel will apparently retain The Meg’s PG-13 rating. That means the cast of the sequel are (slightly) less likely to suffer a brutally horrific fate than the stars of 3D piranhasthough only time will tell.

2 Jaws 2

Jaws 2 1978 Young Boy Trapped Shark Boat

Not only Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer for features plenty of nods to Jawsthe promo even finds the time to wink at the slightest sequel to the blockbuster Jaws 2. The sequence in Meg 2: The TrenchThe trailer for who sees the eponymous shark hitting a helicopter is reminiscent Jaws 2the “shark against helicopter” sequence. While Jaws 2 was largely written off by critics as a disappointing sequel to the original film, this scene still stood out as a superb action flick. Judging by this tribute, the creators of Meg 2: The Trench felt the same.

1 shark night

Jason Statham as Worried Jonas Taylor in The Meg

While The mega was a huge shark movie, not every entry in the subgenre can be such a monster hit. 2011 shark night is not particularly well known, despite its status as the last film directed by Snakes on a plane helmsman David R Ellis. shark nightIt may have been a forgettable effort, but it was one of the only movies to pit a human on a jet ski against a giant shark. This sequence seems to have influenced Meg 2: The Trenchjudging by the moment Jonas de Statham is about to spear a shark while surfing a tidal wave on a jet ski.

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