The Meg 2 Trailer Has Already Spoiled The Film’s Most Shocking Death

The Meg 2: The Trench already spoiled the film’s most shocking murder. Jaws not only launched the killer shark movie genre, but it also set an impossible bar to surpass. Even sturdily built contenders like The deep blue sea, 47 meters below or even Jaws 2 pale in comparison to Spielberg’s groundbreaking blockbuster. The same can be said for 2018 The mega, based on the novel of the same name. Wisely, this Jason Statham vehicle chose to largely forgo scares in favor of humor and set pieces.


The mega had its share of flaws, but its excellent marketing campaign and mix of action and laughs made it a surprise hit. The Meg 2 The trailer sees Statham return as Jonas Taylor, who not only has to deal with even bigger Megs emerging from the trench, but also other threats such as a giant squid. The trailer alone makes it clear that the Ben Wheatley-helmed sequel will have its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, and on top of some impressive cash shots, it spoils a particularly hilarious kill.

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Skyler Samuels’ Meg 2 Death Could Have Been A Big Jump Scare

Skyler Samuels About To Die In Meg 2 The Trench Trailer

Scream Queens‘ Skyler Samuels plays a member of Jonas’s submarine crew in The mega 2but the preview for the sequel makes it very clear that she won’t have a major role. The Meg 2 the trailer shows his character tapping on the “Mega proofglass from an underwater facility while talking on the phone. Unfortunately for her, a megalodon spinning outside decides to test how tough the glass is, piercing and breaking Samuels’ character in one bite.

It’s the comedy highlight of The mega 2 preview, and undoubtedly got people talking about the sequel. That said, showing this moment also completely ruins what would have been a big scare in theaters. Trailers for big blockbusters always have a delicate balance between showing the most impressive moments And trying not to spoil the main surprises. Again, Samuels’ character probably isn’t a big part of The Megs 2 plot, but it would have been nice for audiences to experience this well-timed jolt when watching the movie for the first time.

Meg 2 Trailer Spoils Its Deep Blue Sea Homage

Shark eats Russell in Deep Blue Sea

Of course, Samuels’ disappearance also calls to mind another killer shark favorite. 1999 The deep blue sea saw a group of people trapped in an underwater facility by hyper-intelligent sharks, with the survivors led by grizzled businessman Samuel L. Jackson. Well that’s halfway up The deep blue sea, where his character gives an impassioned speech – only to be ripped off and eaten by a huge shark. by Samuel mega 2 death is a hilarious nod to that infamous scene, but again, it might have worked better if the audience could have entered the sequel untouched for this moment.

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