Movie Quiz: Couples competing at the box office

Technically still newlyweds, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have competing action thrillers opening this week – Affleck’s Robert Rodriguez-directed ‘Hypnotic’ and J-Lo’s Netflix murder drama ‘The Mother’ (appropriately titled for Mother’s Day weekend).

But Bennifer isn’t the only married or nearly married couple to release movies at the same time. Take our quiz on Tinseltown’s other box office duos/rivals.

1. In the midst of their marriage, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred in the 1996 year-end releases that competed at the box office – “Jerry Maguire” and “Portrait of a Woman”, respectively. True or False: They were both up for the Oscars for Leading Role the following year for movies.
2. When Robin Wright’s romance “Message in a Bottle” was derided by critics in February 1999, the Oscar-nominated Best Picture war epic by husband Sean Penn was still playing. what was that?
3. In December 2021, Will Smith was on “King Richard” screens, when “The Matrix Resurrections”, starring his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was released. How many of the four “Matrix” films featured Pinkett Smith as Niobe?
4. Released less than 10 days apart in July 1990, Bruce Willis’ “Die Hard 2” and Demi Moore’s “Ghost” might be married couples’ biggest showdown at the box office. Which blockbuster ended up making the most money?
5. We’re cheating a bit here because this couple never officially tied the knot, but Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins had been together for over 20 years and share two sons. In 1991, there was a crossover in theaters between Sarandon’s “Thelma & Louise” and Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever”, in which Roberts had a small role. Robbins was never directed by “Thelma” director Ridley Scott, but it was in 1986 by Ridley’s brother, Tony Scott, as was Sarandon in 1983. Name one or both of these previous films .
6. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid had already been separated for six months when their respective films, “Proof of Life” and “Traffic”, had their American premieres two days apart in December 2000. Which of the two films contributed to the dissolution of their marriage and why?
7. Given that “Gone with the Wind” was in theaters from its December 1939 premiere until 1941, Clark Gable’s classic was definitely playing when three of his wife Carole Lombard’s last four films were released. Which Lombard title was NOT released at that time: “Vigil in the Night”, “They knew what they wanted”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” or “To be or not to be”?
8. In December 1996, Kelly Preston released two films on the same day and her husband, John Travolta, released one 12 days later. And all three had titles containing a character’s name. Can you name at least one?
9. Let’s get behind the camera: Longtime directors and partners Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig not only competed at the box office with their December 2019 movies, ‘Marriage Story’ and ‘Little Women’, but also at the year’s Oscars next for Best Picture. But which one got a Best Director nomination?
ten. Javier Bardem’s “Being the Ricardos” premiered on Amazon Prime in December 2021, while Spain’s “Parallel Mothers,” starring his wife Penelope Cruz, made its theatrical debut in the United States at the same time. Which of the two has already starred in a film with Ben Affleck?

1. Wrong, only Cruise was nominated
2. “The Thin Red Line”
3. Three
4. “Ghost”
5. “Top Gun” (Robbins) and “The Hunger” (Sarandon)
6. ‘Proof of Life’ Ryan became romantically involved with his co-star, Russell Crowe
7. “To Be or Not to Be” It was released posthumously on February 19, 1942, a month after Lombard died in a plane crash
8. “Jerry Maguire”, “Citizen Ruth” and “Michael”
9. Neither
ten. Javier Bardem, in “To the Wonder” in 2012

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