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Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know About ‘Mulligan’

The Earth is in desperate need of help, and who better to save it than a man who has no experience as a leader of any kind? by Netflix Mulligan (2023) is the latest installment in the endless list of post-apocalyptic shows. Co-created by Robert Carlock And Sam meanswith Tina Fey Joining the project as executive producer, the television series follows Boston native Matty Mulligan (Nat Faxon) as he becomes president overnight and learns to use his authority for good.

Although he has no previous experience in politics or even leading a group of humans in general, he must navigate the complexities of leading a fractured world, while accepting the fact that he could to be humanity’s last hope. Taking a more non-serious and satirical take on the classic alien invasion genre, Mulligan stands out from the crowd with its comedic direction.


So put on your leader pants and make sure you’re seated for this adult animated series of epic proportions. Here’s everything you need to know about Mulligan.

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When is Mulligan coming out?

Mulligan officially premiering on Netflix on May 12, 2023. The series is just one of many exciting new shows coming to Netflix in May, with other titles debuting the same month, including the Bridgerton spin off Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Arnold SchwarzeneggerIt is FUBARand more.

Watch on Netflix

For those who don’t already have a subscription to the service, Netflix offers four different options: Basic with ads ($6.99/month), Basic ($9.99/month), Standard ($15.49/month ) and Premium ($19.99). /month). However, it is essential to note that the Basic with Ads plan may not be offered by all billing partners, so check with your provider. The number of devices you can access Netflix from, video and audio quality, and the ability to download material vary by subscription plan.

Watch the Mulligan Trailer

Mulligan released its official trailer on April 26, 2023, offering a glimpse of an alternate version of Earth, brutally destroyed by a swarm of aliens. With the fate of Earth and its population severely reduced to 1,132 survivors in utter chaos, the world desperately needs a new leader to unite its remaining citizens and return America to its former glory. Who better to do that than Matty Mulligan (Faxon), an unassuming ordinary man who manages to save Earth from alien invasion all by himself?

Leading a dystopian nation is already a rollercoaster in itself, especially when you don’t necessarily have the leadership qualities or credentials for the job. But Matty is determined to rebuild what’s left of the country no matter what. Joined by his motley crew of experts and advisers, from a nerdy historian to a military super-scientist, everyone is on deck in the chaotic world of Mulligan.

What is Mulligan’s plot about?

Below is the official synopsis of Mulligan:

“After Earth is destroyed by an alien attack, a ragtag group of survivors must start society anew. This is an opportunity to learn from humanity’s past mistakes and make it right this time. Or make the same mistakes again. Probably the second one.

The entire planet could be destroyed, but its remaining citizens will prevail. After Matty Mulligan single-handedly fought off all the aliens that threatened to destroy Earth, he now takes on the role of President. It may lack the substance to guide society to better days. Yet at least he tries. He even made a to-do list (which involves restarting the fast furious franchise). But being responsible is not for the faint-hearted. Luckily, he has the help of highly professional (but slightly flawed) team members to get things done.

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Who is part of Mulligan’s voice cast?

Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

Mulligan features a bunch of familiar faces (well, voices) in the comedy scene. Faxon voices main protagonist Matty Mulligan. Originally a working-class citizen from Boston, Matty is Earth’s sole savior during the alien invasion, earning him a place as the leader of the remaining human population. But now Matty must rise to the challenge of putting the needs of others above his own interest for once. Joining Matty is Lucy Suwan (Chrissy Teigen), her love interest throughout the series (although they have absolutely nothing in common). The two lovebirds had one hell of an affair during the alien invasion, so it’s obvious the beauty queen is now the de facto first lady.

Becoming a leader can take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, Matty has the right team for the job. Military super-scientist Dr. Farrah Braun (Tina Fey) lends her expertise, while juggling her responsibilities as a single mother. Nerdy historian Simon Prioleau (Sam Richardson) becomes one of Matty’s trusted advisors, and the somewhat dubious Senator Cartwright LaMarr (Dana Carvey) is its (self-proclaimed) vice-president. Matty also has an alien prisoner held under his captivity, Axtrax (Phil LaMarr), the only surviving alien stuck in the White House who wastes no time trying to signal a second invasion.

Mulligan also sees a few guest stars, such as Kevin Michael Richardson as TOD-209, a military cyborg who has a few loose screws in his system, Ayo Edebiri as General Scarpaccio/Jayson Moody, a teenager who decided to wear the uniform of a dead Marine general and become Chief of Staff, Daniel Radcliffe as King Jeremy, the last surviving British citizen, and Ronny Chieng like Johnny Zhao, a billionaire from Hong Kong who is trying to make money matter again when the world doesn’t really care about money anymore.

Who are the creators of Mulligan?

Mulligan is the brainchild of the people behind NBC 30 Rock. The series is co-created and co-presented by Carlock and Means. The two are also executive producers of the anime series, alongside Fey, David Miner, Erin Gurian, Scott GreenbergAnd Joel Kuwahara. Mulligan is produced by Universal Television, a division of NBC Universal, in association with 3 Arts Entertainment, Bento Box Entertainment, Bevel Gears and Little Stranger, Inc. This isn’t the first time Fey and Carlock have worked together. The two have previously collaborated on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Girls5evaAnd Mr. Mayor.

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