Highly Anticipated DC Villain Brainiac Faces James Gunn’s New Superman in DC Movie Fan Trailer

James Gunn’s new Man of Steel takes on the famous DC villain Brainiac in a new Superman: Legacy fan trailer. The Last Son of Krypton is set to be reimagined once again as the new DC Universe reboots Superman in 2025. With Gunn writing and directing the new film, the Superman: Legacy The story will focus on a young Clark Kent dealing with superhero life in Metropolis. Casting is currently underway as Warner Bros. and DC Studios are looking to find the next actor to don the iconic suit and cape.


While a new Superman has yet to be cast, fans are already imagining what villain the Man of Steel will be up against. Superman: Legacy. YouTube video editor Dr Flashpoint made a Superman: Legacy fan trailer as proof of concept of what Gunn’s story might look like.

THE Superman: Legacy The fan trailer sees David Corenswet as Kal-El taking on Brainiac, who is one of his most iconic super-villains. The trailer uses combined footage from multiple TV shows and movies, including Superman and Lois, KryptonZack Snyder’s DCEU movies, SmallvilleAnd Supergirl.

Why Brainiac Should Be Superman: Legacy’s Main Villain

Superman from Man of Steel and Brainiac from Krypton

While Superman has battled many of his popular foes in previous films, Brainiac surprisingly never got his chance on the big screen. That’s why Gunn should consider using Brainiac in Superman: Legacy as its first antagonist in the new DC Universe. By the time Superman: Legacy hits theaters, it’ll be over a decade since there’s been a solo Superman movie, after Steel man in 2013.

Even if Steel man was divisive among fans, Snyder’s Superman reboot did the right thing by pitting Clark against a massive threat for his first movie. A Superman the movie should still feel great, and Brainiac would be an ideal villain to follow after General Zod’s presence in Steel man. Although short-lived, the Krypton The TV show perfectly illustrated what a storyteller can do with Brainiac if used correctly.

Considering all the mythology that exists with Brainiac in the comics, Superman: Legacy has a lot to take away from in terms of using DC’s iconic villain. Time will tell who will really be the big bad in Superman: Legacy, as the cast will likely reveal that aspect later this year. Hopefully, if not in this movie, Gunn will consider using Brainiac in the future Superman: Legacy sequel, as he would be one of Clark’s most formidable enemies.

Source: Dr. Flashpoint/YouTube

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