New Flash Trailer Seems To Evoke Christopher Nolan’s Batman Movies

That being said, the concept of the timeline and various strains of the Multiverse Merge is still crucial to the flash, and we suspect the movie tries to evoke more than just the Keaton Batman. Because if you really look at this Batcave… it has more in common with the one occupied by Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan The black Knight trilogy than Burton’s.

Consider the photos below and remember that in Nolan’s movies the Batcave was hidden behind a waterfall at ground level. And by the third film, Bruce Wayne had even built a platform that rises and disappears under the deep pool. He even parks the Bat-plane (or simply “the Bat”) on this platform. Now consider Keaton’s Batcave Feedback time. Granted, the appearance of the Batcave changed much more creatively between Burton’s films, but in both cases it was set on vast cliffs and rock formations, high above a seemingly bottomless chasm. . The entrance in the 1989 film was also revealed to be a fake stone wall that responded to the remote control like a high-rise garage.

This obviously goes into corny detail, but it looks like the Batcave in the flash is meant to evoke the Nolan era as much as Keaton’s Batsuit can recall the Burton years. It is a deliberate choice. Maybe it’s just because the filmmakers or the studio want to echo the last time Batman movies could make $1 billion worldwide. Still, we’d like to posit that there might be a narrative reason for that too.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures | Christopher Nolan’s Batcave in The Dark Knight Rises and Tim Burton’s Batcave in Batman Returns.

While Keaton definitely plays his beloved version of the character from 30 years ago in the flash, it does not occupy Burton’s view of that character or his world. There are no expressionist ensembles, nor brutalism-art deco aesthetics. Heck, most of the scenes we have of Keaton’s Batman have him leaving the cave during the day (!), an absolute failure for Burton. In fact, this world of Batman doesn’t seem based on Keaton’s Gotham at all… but rather on Zack Snyder’s Metropolis.

Indeed, on the other end of the DC fandom, Snyder fans seem to be at least obligatorily served by the return of Michael Shannon as General Zod, as well as a revival of his doomsday “world engines,” those spacecraft. flying giants that are used to terraform the Earth by destroying maximum havoc on our cities and our oceans. These are the tools Snyder used to resonate the shadows of 9/11 in Steel man (2013). Apparently it will be the big bad threat again in the flashsuggesting that by changing the past, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) forced himself to relive the events of Snyder’s first DCEU film.

…Except that while it looks like Snyder’s Metropolis, and it’s definitely his Zod, it’s definitely not the Superman we knew a decade ago. Instead, we have an all-new version of Supergirl played by Sasha Calle who will be the last girl in Krypton, ready to stand against Zod.

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