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If Oppenheimer’s Trailer Is That Long, Imagine The Movie

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be fair to Oppenheimerwhose first real trailer dropped today (and lasts three full minutes), the preparation for this rugged tease took several dozen days.

Universal Pictures dropped a bizarre countdown timer for Christopher Nolan’s next film on July 28, 2022, until the film’s release on July 21, 2023, which is the day the theoretical “bombshell” of the film explodes. And while that clock is still here, this full-fledged trailer is certainly more useful for moviegoers than just endlessly spinning black-and-white first-look footage.

No, based on this real trailer, Oppenheimer actually has a bit of color! And these colors, although mostly orange, gray and brown, look great when mixed together. I’d rather you put those three minutes aside to watch this beautiful, captivating, panoramic look at the epic summer blockbuster that Nolan put on deck for us, than just read me chatting about it. But I’ll inflate it by saying that Greta Gerwig Barbie has certainly met its match for the most exciting film to be released on July 21, 2023.

Brass Tacks: Cillian Murphy plays J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind the atomic bomb, as he becomes dazed by military-grade power. Joined by US Army officer Leslie Groves (a very Matt Damon-y Matt Damon) and fellow nuclear scientist Lewis Strauss (Robert Downey, Jr., dressed as an old man), Murphy launches the Manhattan Project. But it comes at an emotional cost, as his wife Kitty (Emily Blunt) grows increasingly despondent during – and suspicious of – a lockdown the Engineers have imposed on their families.

Stock! Strong feelings! Heart! History! Very good costumes and hats! Matt Damon’s hilarious mustache! A very sad Albert Einstein! Really, this film has almost everything one expects from a summer movie. Since it’s directed by Nolan, there may even be a twist. (Although, since this is based on the story, probably not.) The only things missing are hot pink flare pants and rollerblades, but you can head to the screening room next door and follow up. Oppenheimer with Barbie for those.

On that note, here’s my suggestion to those debating which movie to see on July 21:

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