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Robots: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

With advances in technology and knowledge in the modern world, many things that were previously only possible in dreams are beginning to manifest in the real world. Robots, in particular, have long been a subject of fascination in futuristic debates, and we even have an abundance of films based on artificial intelligence, such as I robot, ghost in the shell, TransformersAnd terminator. As shown in the next movie robotsno matter how many different themes we explore around these realistic androids, many new scenarios emerge from their predecessors.

robots is an upcoming sci-fi romantic comedy written and directed by Anthony Hines and Casper Christensen and starring Jack Whitehall and Shailene Woodley. The film, based on Robert Sheckley’s novel “The robot that looked like me,” will focus on the unique love story of two robots who explore the world while trying to avoid their human masters.


Initially, Emma Roberts was cast as the female lead, but Shailene Woodley was later cast in her place. With robots being an exciting movie to look forward to, here’s everything you need to know about it, including the plot, cast, trailer, and release date.

Robots: the plot

The official trailer for the film was released recently, and here is how we perceive its story. The plot is set in an advanced era in which robots are used as servants and manual laborers for humans to help them accomplish even greater feats. Charles (Jack Whitehall) is a womanizer who sets up a date with Elaine (Shailene Woodley) and asks her doppelganger to impress him. Although their date goes perfectly, after his robot runs away with his girlfriend, he discovers that Elaine has also sent her robot doppelganger with the same goal as Charles.

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Apparently, after a few dates together, the two robots started to develop feelings for each other. But, realizing that they couldn’t stay together once their owners found out, they ran away. However, while on the run from these humans, the robots stole the identities of their human counterparts, and now it’s up to the human versions of Charles and Elaine to work together and stop these robots before they cause further havoc. But will they succeed in their mission?

Although the trailer suggests nothing more than a popcorn movie for light entertainment, it was full of whimsical moments. While the idea of ​​robots falling in love and stealing the identities of their human counterparts is a unique concept in itself, the adventure of humans searching for these robots also seems like a good backdrop for a few laughs.

Robots: cast and crew

Robot cast
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Jack Whitehall leads the film as the male protagonist, who sends his look-alike robot to impress his date. Given Whitehall’s history of success through stand-up comedy roles, robots seems like the perfect film for him to further expose his acting skills.

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The actor made his screen debut with the television series good guysand he went on to star in several other shows and movies, including Hive, Fresh meat, bounty huntersAnd good omens. However, his performances as MacGregor Houghton in Jungle CruiseAlfie Wickers in Bad EducationZack in Mothers’ Dayand Sebastian in the after party showed the best of his acting skills.

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley plays Elaine, the film’s female lead, who also sends her lookalike robot on a date. Many fans knew her from the Divergent And alleviating films, in which she played Tris, a role that brought her enormous popularity. Moreover, his performance in big little lies while Jane Chapman earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.

Blame it on our stars, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, The last letter from your loverAnd To catch a killer are among his other well-known movie and TV series credits. Although the film primarily focuses on these two characters, it also features a large ensemble cast which includes Emanuela Postachchini, Richard Lippert, Chelsea Edmundson, Casey Messer, Barney Burman, Tiffany C. Adams, Samantha Ashley, Nic Wolfe, Jennifer Ingrum and many others. others.

As stated previously, robots is written and directed by Casper Christensen and Anthony Hines. While Casper is well known for his work on danish dynamite, Hello!And jerksAnthony wrote screenplays for Sacha Baron Cohen’s series Who is America? And Da Ali G Show. In addition, he has been nominated for an Oscar twice: once for Borat for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay in 2007, and again in 2021 for Borat Next Movie of the best adapted scenario.

Luke Geissbuhler, best known for his work on time monster, Fahrenheit 9/11And male, is responsible for the film’s cinematography. The film is produced by Cassian Elwes, Julien Favre, Stephen Hammel and Lars Sylvest, with Gongming Cai, Karen Cao, Ting Chen, Jere Hausfater and Thorsten Schumacher serving as executive producers.

Robots: release date

Robot release date
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robotsthe upcoming sci-fi romantic comedy film, will hit theaters on May 19 in the United States and June 22 in other countries like Russia.

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