Superman & Lois vs Gotham Knights: the CW can only renew one DC Show

The fate of Superman and Lois And Gotham Knights will soon be decided as The CW may only renew one of the two remaining DC TV shows. The Arrowverse ends as the flash season 9 wraps up the Earth-Prime side of the franchise. While the series starring Grant Gustin saw its fate determined, Superman and Lois And Gotham Knights are still airing as they are in the middle of their respective seasons. Given all the changes on The CW over the past year, many have wondered what will happen to DC TV on the network after this current TV season.


The CW has begun distributing its renewals for the 2023-2024 television season while canceling several shows. From now on, Superman and Lois, Gotham KnightsAnd All Americans: Homecoming have yet to be picked up, and it looks like only one of DC TV’s dramas will survive. According The Hollywood Reporterthe network is only expected to renew one of DC TV’s shows for next season.

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Which DC TV Show The CW Will Likely Renew

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With the previous regime, The CW would have almost definitively renewed the two Superman and Lois And Gotham Knights, if only to offer them a final season. But with the new bosses of The CW, things get complicated because expectations are now completely different. As mentioned in the report, Superman and Lois is the show that attracts the most viewers of the two. However, Superman and Lois was, unsurprisingly, the most expensive DC TV show. Even though The CW has renewed all american And Walkerwhich were two of their most-watched series, they may have been picked up for another season due to production costs.

Looking at Superman and Loisthe expense of making the Arrowverse drama may not be worth it for The CW. Gotham Knightswhich is not as rich in visual effects as Superman and Lois, might make more sense for new CW bosses, even if they have lower ratings. Whether Superman and Lois season 4 was supposed to happen, they may have to make some production cuts to the show in order. But having to make all those cuts can also mean Superman and Lois disadvantage, which could increase the chances of Gotham Knights season 2.

Ultimately, there’s always the possibility that The CW won’t bring any shows back and instead favors All Americans: Homecoming. Reports that they will have three to four original scripted shows next season are yet to be determined as The CW restructures its programming strategy. Fortunately, the world will soon know whether it is Superman and Lois Or Gotham Knights which are picked up for another season.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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