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Trailer “The Creator”: John David Washington fights against artificial intelligence

Nowadays, AI has become more present than ever – AI-generated art, storylines designed for fun (for now), acting performances, and more. In the next feature from 20th Century Studios The creator, AI takes on an even more dangerous form: a technology fully capable of waging war on humanity. So it’s up to one man (John David Washington), to find the mind behind the AI. Ahead of the film’s September 29 release, 20th Century Studios released the first trailer.

The trailer opens onto a vast space surrounded by water and futuristic-type buildings. A young child asks Washington’s character, Joshua, about heaven and if Joshua will ever go there. His response, “it’s a peaceful place in the sky”, stands in stark contrast to a raging war, with explosions, gunfire and an intense rendition of Aerosmith“Dream On”. As the trailer continues, it reveals that humanity has been at war with the AI ​​for a decade and there are no signs of it slowing down. Eventually, however, Joshua finds a significant weapon, sending him into a crisis of conscience. While said weapon is an AI, it looks like the film will also ask the question of just how capable the AI ​​is of humanity – and whether it should be destroyed.


As the trailer shows, The creator largely focuses on Joshua, a former Special Forces agent who mourns his wife (Gemma Chan) gone. In the midst of his grief, Joshua is recruited to track down the elusive mind behind the advanced AI, known only as “The Creator”. But The Creator not only created the technology for war, they also have the weapon to end war for good. So, Joshua and his fellow humans set out to find the weapon, but they soon discover that the weapon they are meant to destroy is an AI in the form of a young child.

the creator
Image via 20th Century Studios

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The human team behind The creator

The film was written, directed and produced by Gareth Edwardswho conceived the story and co-wrote the screenplay with Chris Weitz. Edwards produces alongside kiri hart, Jim SpencerAnd Arnon Milchan. Executive producers include Yariv Milchan, Michel Schäfer, Nathalie Lehman, Nick MeyerAnd Foreman Zev. Alongside Washington and Chan, movie stars Ken Watanabe, Sturgil-Simpson, Allison Janneyand newcomer Madeleine Yuna Voyles.

The creatorThe release marks another AI-centric project that has become more timely in recent years. Although the concept is not new, there has been continued growth with the subject in pop culture. More recently, Peacock launched its series of AI-fighting nuns. Mrs Davis. On the cinema side, Vertical Entertainment has released its feature film Stimulating in April, with the functionality Artificial Girl released last year.

The creator hits theaters September 29. Watch the first trailer below:

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