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The Flash Could Be Triggered By Opening Weekend Box Office Weakness

the flash has a few roadblocks in the domestic box office marathon this summer, possibly due to issues overlooked by Warner Bros. Discovery. According to the first follow-ups, the flash could be the latest in a long line of box office underperformers in 2023.

the flash The marketing strategy focused on early screenings and celebrity endorsements of Stephen King, Tom Cruise, Jaden Smith, and more. However, Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton have not been seen promoting it so far. It comes amid James Gunn telling fans they don’t need to see a previous DC movie before watching the flash, as long as they know that Michael Keaton is Batman, despite the film being based almost entirely on the Snyderverse DCEU movies. Overall, a marketing strategy that aims to appeal to the general public can be counterintuitive if it’s too broad and doesn’t hold up to the excitement it generates.


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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the flash is aiming to hit the $70 million range when it opens domestically. “Box office insiders say that’s a sweet number for a film that has been heavily promoted by Warner Brothers Discovery as the best superhero movie of all time,” writes THR. raw.” the flash reportedly cost $220 million, but there’s speculation the number is much higher due to delays, development costs dating back to 2015, and the flash the film’s marketing, which insiders say puts it closer to around $300 million or more.

the flash may need around $700 million to break even. Unfortunately for the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, it may be too late to cancel the flash as he did bat girl because what the reports suggest was a tax deduction, especially under the pretext that bat girl was not released after calling the flash the best superhero movie. Maybe if Warner Bros. Discovery had put Ezra Miller in the spotlight and focused on the importance of mental health while linking it to what Barry Allen is going through in the flashit could have potentially flipped the narrative.

Warner Bros. Discovery always shows various cuts of the flash in the first screenings. However, if it remained a celebration of what had gone before, rather than being used as a tool to see what works for James Gunn’s DCU reboot, he might have seen less division in the race to its exit. It’s a shame, because Andy and Barbara Muschietti set out to make a great superhero movie that got bogged down by internal studio agendas, like so many DC directors before them. Nevertheless, the flash may be able to topple it after its opening weekend if word of mouth is as strong as its celebrity endorsements.

the flash will be released in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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