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Batman and Ezra Miller Go Wild in Epic New Trailer for ‘The Flash’

DC Studios released a new trailer for the flashthe highly anticipated film starring Ezra Miller like Scarlett Speedster. Promised to uproot the DC timeline, the flash will take Barry Allen on a journey through space-time, with many of DC’s beloved characters and cast members expected to show up.

The new trailer highlights how the upcoming film will adapt the fan-favorite “Flashpoint” storyline. Thanks to his powers, Barry realizes that he can change the past. However, the Speed ​​Force is an unstable power source, and playing with time, Barry finds himself in an alternate reality with no metahumans. This means that when Zod (Michael Shannon) and his Kryptonian friends set out to conquer Earth, no Man of Steel could stop them.


In the alternate timeline where the flash will mainly unfold, Barry must assemble a new team of heroes who can help him fix the multiverse. One of his new allies is none other than Michael Keatonis Batman, who will come out of retirement to help the Scarlet Speedster. An alternate version of Barry is also involved in the film’s plot, though it’s still too early to tell if he’s friend or foe. Finally, the flash also presents Sasha Calle as super girlwhose introduction into the DCU seems inspired by some of Superman’s darker comic book stories.

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While the flash primarily concerned with DC’s future by breaking up the timeline, the film will also feature cameos from current DC heroes. For example, Ben Affleck will appear one last time as the Dark Knight. And as we learned recently, Gal Gadot will also reprise her role as Wonder Woman.

Will be the flash Be part of the new Canon DCU?

While the flashThe intriguing story of is already enough to get fans excited, the upcoming film will also play a vital role in rebooting the DCU timeline and giving DC Studios co-directors james gunn And Saffron Stone a clean slate. Gunn and Safran are currently working on a unified storyline that will trickle down to theaters, TV, and even games. In this new DCU, some characters and cast members will still be part of the canon, such as Viola Davis” Amanda Waller. However, heroes like Batman and Superman will be recast. We still don’t know how many previous DC films Gunn and Safran will retain while moving forward, but the flash could give fans answers.

the flash is led by Andy Muschietti of a screenplay BumblebeeIt is Christina Hodson. The film’s cast also includes Kiersey Clemons like Iris West, Maribel Verdu like Nora Allen, and Ron Livingstone as Henry Allen, replacing Billy Crudup as Barry’s father after he appeared in Justice League.

the flash hits theaters on June 16, 2023. Check out the new trailer below:

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