The Flash: Trailer Edit Error May Spoil Movie Villain’s Twist

A new international trailer for the next DCU solo film, the flashmay have unwittingly spoiled a major twist regarding its villain.

While much has been made public about the impressive supporting cast in the flashheadlined by Michael Keaton (Batman) and Sasha Calle (Supergirl), the story’s villains have flown largely under the radar.

Alongside Michael Shannon’s return as General Zod, recent merchandising and promotional images have teased the inclusion of a Dark Flash opposite Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster, a darker, grittier version of the main hero. .

But as new images highlighted the heroes who have already been confirmed to play major roles, Warner Bros. may have let out a major spoiler through one of its final looks at the summer blockbuster.

The Flash Villain spoiled in a new trailer?

As spotted by Reddit user @ExtensionGiraffe9239, a Japanese trailer for the flash may have spoiled the main villain of the new DC movie.

Warner Bros.

This trailer included a shot of longer-haired Barry Allen screaming at his lookalike, though fans could see a small dark sliver peeking out from his right shoulder.

The Flash, Ezra Miller
The Direct

This visual detail, which was apparently mistakenly retained in the Japanese version after being removed from the US trailer, potentially spoils the fact that this version of Barry is actually the film’s main villain, Dark Flash – a monstrosity with black shards and spikes protruding from his shoulders and almost every other part of his body.

the flash
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. will it fix the flash trailer error?

So far, Warner Bros. didn’t pull this version of the trailer from the internet on its Japanese pages, leaving many wondering how worried the studio is about leaking spoilers.

After The Direct reported exclusively on the flashWith the villain being a darker version of Barry Allen in August 2021, it looks like this movie’s use of multiple flashes will come to fruition by the time the story wraps up.

The big question now is how far this will go in the plot, especially with the multiverse tearing at the seams and unleashing forces like General Zod across multiple universes.

With the first reviews of the flash promoting one of DC’s potentially best movies in years, it seems this villainous turn did pretty well with early critics before the movie was fully released to the public.

The only hope now is that Warner Bros. and its cast can avoid revealing other crucial information as the general public waits to see how the DCU really changes.

the flash debuts in theaters on June 16.

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