‘The Super Mario Bros’ and Deadites battle for weekend box office dominance

The box office has slowly but surely returned to normal after nearly disappearing as a result of the pandemic in 2020. April was a particularly strong month thanks to The movie Super Mario Bros. rapidly approaching the billion dollar mark and Evil Dead Rise giving horror fans another killer twist. Both movies had extremely strong showings last weekend, but now it’s being reported that Super Mario And Evil Dead Rise did even better at the box office than expected.

Hail box office kings, baby!

Up from its previous estimate of $58.2 million, Super Mario Bros.. actually earned $59.9 million in its third weekend of release. It is still the third-highest-grossing weekend for an animated film in history and also takes the crown for Universal’s third-highest-grossing weekend in its history. The former record holder was jurassic world in 2015 with $54.4 million. This film made over $1 billion at the global box office. If that wasn’t enough, mario also became the third best weekend in Illumination history, a record that was previously held by the grinch at $30.3 million. Super Mario Bros. has now grossed over $870 million at the worldwide box office. It’s on track to cross the $1 billion mark by the end of next weekend.


Then, on its opening weekend, Evil Dead Rise came in second place with another major win for the horror genre. The fifth entry in the evil Dead The franchise grossed $24.5 million, which is higher than both the $20 million estimate from the start of the weekend and Sunday’s updated figure of $23.5 million. This puts Increase ahead of opening weekends for other recent horror hits, including Smile, cocaine bearAnd The black phone. It was also impressive considering it was the franchise’s first film since 2013 and was only made on a modest budget of $17 million. Increase has already doubled at the worldwide box office with over $40.3 million.

Mario and Bullet Bill in the Super Mario Bros. movie.
Picture via Universal Pictures

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For what Super Mario And Evil Dead Rise‘s Success Matter?

Super Mario Bros. And Evil Dead Rise maybe completely different movies, but they tell the same story. It doesn’t matter if you’re dying for a fun family adventure or you’re a horror fan looking to get happily shredded, moviegoers want to see their movies on the big screen. They don’t want to watch those larger-than-life movies on a Smart TV that crashes every five minutes and has terrible audio quality. This isn’t new to the horror genre, which has seen hit after hit with Smile, The black phone, Terrifying 2, M3GANAnd Cry VI paving the way for the Deadites’ successful takeover.

However, the animation genre has had the hardest time readjusting to theatrical dominance. For each Minions there were five lukewarm box office releases as Light year, strange worldAnd Super Animals. It didn’t help that companies like Disney put most of their movies on streaming. Super Mario reminded audiences how magical animated movies can be on the big screen, which will only help other movies like Spider-Man: Through the Spider-verse, ElementaryAnd Wish At the box office. It helps as simply as both Super Mario And Evil Dead Rise are good movies. They have thrived on excellent word of mouth which will only help them in the weeks to come. We’re sure to see even more horror and anime projects in theaters thanks to these two films. With CinemaCon this week, it’s the best news theater owners can get.

While we eagerly wait to see when Super Mario Bros. will reach the billion dollar mark and how far evil Dead will rise at the box office, you can see both films in theaters now. Evil Dead RiseThe trailer for can be seen below.

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