“The Super Mario Bros. Movie. reaches another milestone at the global box office

Mama Mia! Illumination and Nintendo continue to hit box office milestones with The movie Super Mario Bros. as the animated feature has now crossed the $900 million mark at the worldwide box office. As shown over the weekend, the film has shown incredible staying power with viewers, continuing to beat screenings even after 21 days in theaters. Once that last mark is crossed, Universal’s next goal will be the coveted $1 billion mark, which Mario and company should easily hit by next week.

In total, the global cume for Super Mario Bros movie stands at $901.2 million, including $444 million from the United States and $457.2 million from the international market. The film should also get a slight second wind to bolster those numbers even further, as it debuts in Korea today and heads to Japan on Friday. It’s not like it needs any help though, as Mario’s staying power as a pop icon as well as word-of-mouth acclaim recently helped the film win the crown for Best Third Weekend. from Universal, subverting the original. jurassic world.


As he continues to grow, Mario also expects to break more records for Universal as a whole. In his $1 billion march, he will pass last year’s major blow Minions: The Rise of GruThe $942.5 million worldwide mark, making it the company’s highest-grossing animated feature since 2019. Although it currently ranks fifth among Universal’s animated films, Mario should easily climb a few rungs because he will definitely pass Despicable Me 2 ($975.3 million) and probably Despicable Me 3 ($1.035 billion) as well. The only behemoth that could prevent his rise to the top is 2015 Minions at $1.159 billion, but it’s hard to count the plumber considering how much he’s managed to accomplish so far. It also helps continue Universal’s recent dominance at the box office, as the company now boasts four of the top 10 MPA films worldwide since 2019, also including no time to die And Jurassic World Dominion.

Mario and Bullet Bill in the Super Mario Bros. movie.
Picture via Universal Pictures

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The movie Super Mario Bros. Is a Major “Wahoo!” for Universal

The success of THE Super Mario Bros movie. was not relegated to the cinema either. Earlier this month, Bowser’s (Jack Black) the romantic ballad “Peaches” cracked Billboard’s Hot 100, further showing just how inescapable Mario fever has been. What’s helped this take on The Adventures of the Plumber succeed where the 1993 adaptation failed was the fidelity to the games with myriad references that longtime fans can see while watching. There’s also potential for expansion from here, as the film could give way to other Nintendo adaptations as well as sequels and spinoffs spotlighting characters like Donkey Kong.

The movie Super Mario Bros.featuring Black alongside Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor Joy, charlie day, Key Keegan-Michael, Seth Rogen, and more, is still in theaters. It will soon face fierce competition as another Pratt-directed film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, enters the mix next week. Check out the trailer below.

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