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In the first episode, Chi performed “Doa Hoa Hong” (The Rose), a song by musician Andiez.

Chi wore a layered outfit and sang while taking off the outer layers one by one. The 29-year-old said she chose a flower design because it suited the song, which encourages women to be confident.

Chi’s performance brought energy to the stage as performers before her had relied on slow soulful ballads.

“She’s so professional, her stage presence is amazing, and she put a lot into the performance. She really woke us up with that,” singer Ella Chen, a member of Taiwanese girl group SHE, said, comparing Chi to a beautiful girl. pink.

Singer Tracy Wang said Chi “left her in awe” while US contestant Amber said she loved the surprising but beautiful choreography when Chi took off parts of her outfit.

One of the show’s executive producers said that Chi looked “sexy and sexy” on stage.

Chi Pu performs in the first episode of “Sisters Who Make Waves” on May 5, 2023. Photo by Mango TV

Of the 13 contestants in the first episode, Chi scored 359 points and placed fourth, while Ella took the lead with 384 points.

On social media in China, many viewers were enthusiastic about Chi’s performance.

Real, a music blogger with over 4 million Weibo followers, wrote, “I became her fan after the first performance.”

Others also praised her, commenting, “I love how gorgeous she looks,” and “Chi Pu is great at transforming on stage.” However, a few thought his movements were unnatural.

The Vietnamese singer also wowed Chinese audiences, with a humorous clip of Hong Kong actress Ada Choi teaching her how to speak trendy Chinese on Weibo.

Along with the performances, the first episode featured the contestants, including 33 singers, actors, and pianists.

Competitors also presented iconic dishes from their home countries. Chi chose a Vietnamese green rice dessert.

The singer said she accepted the invitation to join the show because she wanted to experience new things and engage with Chinese audiences.

Chi Pu, real name Nguyen Thuy Chi, is a pop singer and actress who was honored among the Forbes list of Asia-Pacific’s 100 Most Influential Digital Stars in 2020.

Since its debut in 2020, “Sisters Who Make Waves” has been one of the highest-rated reality shows in China.

This season, foreign celebrities such as Japanese singer Mai Mizuhashi, South Korean actress Choo Ja-huyn, German singer Gina Alice Redlinger and Russian singer Katerina also joined the show.

The competitors will show their talents in solo and team performances. Those with the highest scores will be chosen to form a new group of girls.

Chi Pu gây choáng ngợp ở show âm nhạc Trung Quốc

Chi Pu performs “Doa Hoa Hong” (The Rose) on the stage of “Sisters Who Make Waves” on May 5, 2023. Video by Mango TV

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