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WATCH: The best LGBTQ+ movie trailers released in April 2023

Image Credit: “Love in the Country”

The April showers brought a torrential downpour of exciting gay movie trailers that have us excited for weeks to come – in the words of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, “Rain. On. Me.”

Throughout the past month, we’ve seen new previews for all kinds of up-and-coming queer entertainment, from a Fire Island dance movie to a gay war flick to what is, quite frankly, our blockbuster the most anticipated of the summer.

To help you stay ahead of the game, we’ve rounded up the best and gayest trailers streaming across the internet throughout April, with reminders of when and where you can watch them. . Check them all out below and mark your calendars accordingly!


Multi-hyphenated ballet legend James Whiteside dips his toes into the world of film for this stunning work of art, which transports audiences to Fire Island and follows the wave of weekend romance – where is something more? Without dialogue, this sexy love story is played out through modern dance and will make you want to go to the beaches of Les Pins this summer.

The film is now available for free viewing via the All Arts platform.

love in the country

It has been reported that during the Vietnam War the army was so understaffed that it allowed homosexuals to serve, despite the fact that homosexuality was not permitted at the time. Indie drama love in the country imagine what service might have been like for two gay soldiers, who end up falling in love as they enlist in a high-stakes mission during the Tet Offensive.

Now available to rent or buy through Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Tubi, YouTube, and Google Play.

The Eight Mountains

Childhood friends reunite after years apart when one of them returns to the Italian mountain village of Grana to repair his family’s vacation home. Although the two come from different worlds and have lived different lives, they pick up where they left off – and is it just us, or is there a deeper connection between them? The Eight Mountains is a deep and sentimental story about male friendship.

Playing in select New York theaters. The film opens in Los Angeles on May 5, with more dates to come.


Netflix’s casting department knows what it’s doing. Manu Ríos and Arón Piper both broke through globally with a Spanish-language hit Elite, where they played two-thirds of a steamy polyamorous couple. Now the cast reunites for the streamer’s new crime thriller that sees them play off opposing forces that have a different type of fire between them.

Premiering May 19 on Netflix.

The hole in the fence

At a religious summer camp for boys in rural Mexico, a mysterious hole in the property’s chain-link fence raises fears that someone – or someonething– broke into. But that may be the least of everyone’s worries, as campers quickly turn into lord of the flies-like tribalism. From filmmaker Joaquin del Paso, The hole in the fence is a captivating dispatch of the horrors of toxic masculinity.

Premieres in select LA theaters May 26 with more dates and cities to come.

Unidentified objects

A road trip like no other, Unidentified objects follows Peter, a self-proclaimed “homosexual college-educated dwarf,” as he reluctantly accompanies his flighty neighbor Winona on a journey into the Canadian wilderness, to a place she is convinced will be the site of imminent alien visitation. The pair’s unlikely odyssey finds them faced with many unexpected encounters, alien and otherwise.

Delivered to select theaters June 2 and to VOD platforms June 9.


From My name is Pauli Murray Director Julie Cohen presents this moving investigation into what it means to be intersex in today’s society. Following the lives of three people—actor/screenwriter River Gallo (they/them), political consultant Alicia Roth Weigel (she/they), and Ph.D. student Sean Saifa Wall (he/him)—Everyone goes beyond the binary to shine a spotlight on this often overlooked group of the LGBTQ+ community.

In theaters everywhere June 30.


Two trailers, a whole army of character posters and countless leaked set photos, and Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie The movie has yet to confirm that there will be anything explicitly gay about it, but come on, check this stuff out! The campy performances, the colors and costumes, that joke about two Kens running aground? Baby, it’s GAY! And it’s our most anticipated blockbuster of the summer.

In theaters everywhere July 21.

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