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By Ben Miller

It was a weekend dominated by Chris Pratt as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 easily won the weekend box office with around $114 million. It’s certainly below the norm for other MCU films, but largely positive reviews (81% on Rotten Tomatoes) and an “A” CinemaScore should give the film some leg up over other recent Marvel films. The movie Super Mario Bros. continues its reign at the box office as the highest-grossing film of 2023. Nintendo’s adaptation now sits at 17th all-time domestically and at $1.1 billion worldwide, sits ranked 25th all-time. By the way, fifty-one movies have grossed over a billion dollars and Pratt has starred in six of them…

Weekend box office (actual data)
May 5-7
πŸ”Ί = new or expanding / β˜… = Recommended
LARGE (more than 800 screens) LIMITED / PLATFORM

1 πŸ”Ί GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 3 $118.4 *NEW* 4450 screens

1 SOMEWHERE IN QUEENS (USA) $78,000 (cum. $1.5) 122 screens

2 THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE $18.5 (cumulative $518)

2 β˜… TO SHOW UP (WE) $44,000 (cum. $642,000) 102 screens

3 EVIL DEAD RISE $5.8 (cum. $54.2) 3036 screens

3 WILDLIFE [Doc] $41,000 (cum. $236,000) 23 screens

4 β˜… ARE YOU THERE GOD? IS IT ME, MARGARET? $3.2 (cum. $12.5) 3343 screens

4 BORN TO FLY (China) $36,000 (cum. $185,000) 22 screens

5 πŸ”Ί LOVE ONCE AGAIN $2.3 *NEW* 2703 screens

5 β˜… JOYLAND (Pakistan) $30,000 (cum. $185,000) 34 screens

6 JOHN WICK CHAPTER 4 $2.3 (cum. $180) 2481 screens

6 β˜… THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS (Italy) $15,000 (cum. $56,000) 4 screens


7 β˜… DUNGEONS & DRAGONS $1.4 (cum. $90.8) 1751 screens

7 πŸ”Ί CHILE 76 (Chile) $13,000 (cum. $35,000) 2 screens

8 β˜… AIR $1.3 (cum. $50.2) 1632 screens

8 β˜…πŸ”Ί NMR (Romania) $12,000 (cum. $23,000) 41 screens

9 THE AGREEMENT $1.2 (cum. $14.7) 1807 screens

9 β˜…πŸ”Ί CARMEN $8,000 (cum. $39,000) 19 screens

ten SISU $1.1 (cum. $5.5) 1006 screens

ten πŸ”Ί THE FUSION CONTINUES FOREVER [Doc] $7k *NEW* 1 screen

11 πŸ”Ί BIG GEORGE FOREMAN $824k *NEW* 3054 screens

11 SICK OF ME (Norway) $6,000 (cum. $72,000) 12 screens

there were only 11 films in wide circulation…

12 β˜… THE CHILDREN OF OTHERS (France) $6,000 (cum. $49,000) 9 screens
13 32 SOUNDS [Doc] $4,000 (cum. $27,000) 1 screen
14 β˜… LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING [Doc] $3,000 (cum. $119,000) 8 screens
15 β˜… CINEMA SABAYA (Israel) $3,000 (cum. $64,000) 3 screens

Somewhere else, Evil Dead Rise continues its strong counter-programming run, already matching the box office of the 2013 predecessor. The only other new big release film was Priyanka Chopra with love one more timewhich barely grossed over $2 million from 2,700 screens.

Even the limited/platform releases deviated from Marvel, with only two new releases in limited theaters, and they were released in a total of three theaters. [Editor’s Note: Unfortunately there’s continued erosion of the audience for arthouse cinema with tiny under-promoted short runs in theaters. But IF you can find them near you, some of the options are excellent. DO NOT MISS JOYLAND.]

Next weekend – Only two releases go off next week with the animated film Road rally racers and the heavy actress sequel Book Club: The Next Chapter. I would expect Guardians retain the top spot for another week.

What did you watch this weekend? My Oscar completeness landed in 1983, so I took in silk wood (Nathaniel’s Choice for Best Streep Performance), Will (with an outstanding lead role by Jane Alexander), and Educating Rita (one of Michael Caine’s best). Also caught the nap that was from the 1960s Sons and lovers.

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