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By Ben Miller

For the third consecutive week, The movie Super Mario Bros. ran away with the weekend box office, this time hitting $59.9 million. It’s good for the 7th best third weekend in history. The domestic total currently stands at $436 million with a corresponding number overseas. At $870 million and rising, expect it to become a billion dollar movie (and likely a franchise) in the coming weeks. Counter-programming worked pretty well for the horror sequel Evil Dead Rise with a solid haul of $24.5 million. This equates to its 2013 predecessor, which ended at around $54 million. With a budget of 19 million dollars, it shows once again that horror is the most profitable genre…

Weekend box office (actual data)
April 21-23
πŸ”Ί = new or expanding / β˜… = Recommended
LARGE (more than 800 screens) LIMITED / PLATFORM

1 THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE $59.9 (cum. $436) 4,350 screens

1 πŸ”Ί SOMEWHERE IN QUEENS $671k *NEW* 602 screens

2 πŸ”Ί EVIL DEAD RISE $24.5 *NEW* 3,402 screens

2 INFAMOUS $631,000 (cum. $2.4) 757 screens

3 πŸ”Ί THE GUY RITCHIE COMMITMENT $6.4 *NEW* 2,611 screens

3 πŸ”Ίβ˜… TO SHOW UP $199,000 (cum. $416,000) 85 screens

4 JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 $5.8 (cum. $168.9) 2,685 screens

4 HOW TO BLOW A PIPELINE $157,000 (cum. $601,000) 530 screens

5 β˜… DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR OF THIEVES $5.5 (cum. $82.3) 2,960 screens

5 WILDLIFE $51,000 (cum. $119,000) 14 screens

6 β˜… AIR $5.4 (cum. $41.8) 3,507 screens

6 πŸ”Ίβ˜… JOYLAND $38,000 (cum. $84,000) 8 screens


7 THE POPE’S EXORCIST $3.4 (cum. $15.0) 3,178 screens

7 β˜… THOUSAND AND ONE $25,000 (cum. $3.38) 33 screens

8 RENFIELD $3.3 (cum. $13.8) 3,378 screens

8 PURE WATER $22,000 (cum. $528,000) 207 screens

9 πŸ”ΊBEAUTIFUL AFRAID $2.8 (cum. $3.1) 965 screens

9 β˜… THE LOST KING $19.5k (cum. $1.16) 38 screens

ten SUZUME $1.6 (cum. $8.4) 2,170 screens

ten πŸ”Ί LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING $15k *NEW* 19 screens

11 πŸ”Ί KNIGHT $1.5 *NEW* 1,275 screens

11 πŸ”Ί OTHERS’ CHILDREN $12.6k *NEW* 3 screens

12 MAFIA MAMMA $514,000 (cum. $3.3) 1,613 screens

12 πŸ”ΊCARMEN $10.8k *NEW* 3 screens

Elsewhere, the much-discussed film by Ari Aster Handsome is scared expanded to just under 1,000 screens and makes just under $3,000 per screen. Impressive considering the response and length. The Kelvin Harrison with Knight only managed $1.5 million in a smaller but wide release. On the limited/platform side, Ray Romano’s directorial debut Somewhere in Queens opened quietly with less than $1 million across 600 screens.

Next weekend – Further mario a counter-programming is planned next week with the sports biopic Big George Foreman and adaptation by Judy Blume Are you there God, it’s me Margaret. We also have the limited Sundance hit release Polite company and the Nazi WWII action movie Sisu. To wait for mario to win the week again.

What did you see this weekend? My Own Oscar Completion Isn’t As Complete As Baby Clyde’s, But I Managed To Knock Out 1946’s The killers as well as the 1994 version of Little woman. I also watched the AppleTV+ Ghost (do not recommend) and the above Are you there God? it’s me margarita (which I cannot recommend highly enough).

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