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Weekend box office results: Super Mario holds up with an impressive third week

Chances are the race for the highest-grossing film of the year is already over. That’s saying a lot, considering we haven’t even tapped into the rich summer season yet with all its grand sequels and Barbie mayhem. But the numbers for The movie Super Mario Bros. impossible to look away. Even if we stopped counting after this weekend, the odds would still be in its favor to be the highest-grossing movie of 2023. But it’s here for at least another weekend in the No. 1 slot before that. the Guardians of the Galaxy only make a valiant but possibly unsuccessful launch to defeat the Plumber Brothers.

Harvest King: Super Mario Holds up with an impressive third week

Let’s look at these numbers, shall we? For the third consecutive week, The movie Super Mario Bros. led the box office, earning $58.2 million. It’s the seventh-best third weekend ever behind two Avatars two avengers movies, a star wars movie, and Black Panther. Is there a movie slated for release the rest of this year that can match that on weekend three? Super Mario has already grossed $434 million in 19 days; it’s the 14th best total ever in this streak, just $10 million behind 2019 The Lion King, which had a third $38.5 million weekend during the summer. Mario has yet to catch up with the pace of Incredibles 2, which remains behind with $26 million in total, but even this $608 million juggernaut only earned $46.4 million in its third weekend. Somewhere between $550-600 million seems like Mario’s endgame right now. Maybe another billion-dollar movie will surpass its ultimate worldwide total, but domestically, it looks like the game is over.

Rotten Returns: Guy Ritchie’s Pact stumble

Guy Ritchie gets perhaps the best reviews of his career with the aptly titled Guy Ritchie’s Pact, but this one goes financially in the loss column. beat both lock, reserve and two smoking barrels And Gentlemen’s 75% of scores with an 82% on the Tomatometer (currently), Guy Ritchie’s Pact (not to be confused with The agreement by Renny Harlin) finished in third place over the weekend with $6.2 million, a paltry figure made worse by the $55 million production budget it was carrying. This is the second loser for Ritchie this year after Operation Fortune finished with just $6.4 million domestically (and $37.5 million worldwide) on a price tag of $50 million.

The Top 10 and beyond: Evil Dead Rise Posts Strong Debuts on Horror Competitors and Older Titles

The big news of the week is a movie that was originally meant to be a streaming-only release. Someone at Warner Bros. finally knew better and got Evil Dead Rise back on the theatrical program where it grossed $24.5 million over the weekend. That’s nearly $25 million more than it would have seen just sitting on HBO MAX, and it’ll be a hit for the studio coming out of the disastrous Shazam! Fury of the gods. The 2013 evil Dead the Sony-released remake opened at $25.7 million and that $17 million production went over $54 million. Lee Cronin Increase costs a few million less, and the critically acclaimed horror entry (it’s 85% Certified Fresh) should pay for itself pretty quickly. However, the horror in April from 2000 (apart from A silent place) did not generate much longevity. Since 2005, the 10 horror films released this month to open with $15 million or more have had an average multiple of just 2.18, with 2005 The Amityville Horror do it again even increasing that number with a 2.77. This would leave Evil Dead Rise with a final take of just over $50 million. That’s even more than it would have done on HBO MAX.

Staying in the Realm of Horror, Ari Aster’s handsome is scared expanded to 926 theaters this weekend and grossed $2.8 million. Last year, A24 opened Alex Garland’s Men at $3.29 million in 2,212 theaters and Ti West’s pearl to $3.12 million in 2,935 theaters. The studio first expanded with Aster’s first two films; Hereditary earned $13.7 million in its opening weekend and Midsommar made $6.5 million after earning more than $4 million previously on Wednesday and Thursday. The latter lasted just under two and a half hours, and beautiful now comes in under three minutes. His background is currently similar to that of Jason Reitman young adultwhich opened to $310,263 in 8 theaters (beautiful made $320,396 in four) and grossed $3.4 million when it expanded the following week to 986 theaters. It went on to gross over $16 million. Beautiful’The final number of s will depend on whether his divisive word of mouth will lead to avoidance or curiosity.

Winner of last week’s horror, The Pope’s Exorcist, jumped from second to seventh place with $3.3 million. Its total sits just under $15 million domestically, but with more than $52 million worldwide, it will turn a profit this week. Spending his fifth week in the top five is John Wick: Chapter 4 with $5.7 million. That brings his total to almost $169 million, and he’s still on track for around $180 million. Grossing over $358 million worldwide, it’s the highest-grossing entry in the franchise. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves well enough to boost its final estimate beyond $85 million. It fell 30% this week to $5.4m, but with just $82m domestic and $177m worldwide, it will still be a losing investment of over 100 millions of dollars.

by Ben Affleck Air continues to climb a path to $50 million. After a 37% drop to $4.9 million this week, its total stands at $41.2 million. Universal Renfield didn’t look any better this week, dropping 61% to $3.1 million. The $65 million production has grossed a total of $17.9 million worldwide and appears to be the studio’s biggest loser since last year. The 355. Crunchyroll’s susume fell 68% to $1.6 million, bringing its total to $8.4 million. Open projector Knight starring Kelvin Harrison Jr. in 1,275 theaters this week and made $1.5 million. The directorial debut of Ray Romano, Somewhere in Queensgrossed $681,770 from 602 theaters.

On the Vine: Judy Blume and George Foreman on the big screen

Lionsgate hopes to find success with Judy Blume (whose documentary was just released this week) with the adaptation of her darling Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. The film, which currently has 96% critical acclaim, was directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, whose latest film, The edge of seventeen with Hailee Steinfeld, is 94% certified fresh. Sony is also releasing the biopic once simply known as Lionheart. Now his name is Big George Foreman: The miraculous story of the former and future world heavyweight champion and it is not screened for reviews.

Full list of box office results: April 21-23, 2023


The movie Super Mario Bros.

  • $58.2 million ($434.3 million total)


Evil Dead Rise

  • $24.5 million ($24.5 million total)


Guy Ritchie’s Pact

  • $6.2 million ($6.2 million total)


John Wick: Chapter 4

  • $5.7 million ($168.9 million total)


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves

  • $5.4 million ($82.1 million total)



  • $4.9 million ($41.2 million total)


The Pope’s Exorcist

  • $3.3 million ($3.3 million total)



  • $3.1 million ($13.6 million total)


handsome is scared

  • $2.8 million ($3.1 million total)



  • $1.6 million ($1.6 million total)

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[box office figures via Box Office Mojo]

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