Why Billie Eilish and Jennifer Lopez Top 5 Celebrity Perfumes

Despite the backlash against celebrity beauty brands, the OG celebrity fragrance category is still garnering both praise and interest.

In the latest release of Launchmetrics and Glossy data, the top 5 fragrances for March based on MIV were Eilish by Billie Eilish, JLO Glow, Ariana Grande Cloud, Fenty eau de parfum and Borner Dreamer by influencer Charli d’Amelio. Billie Eilish’s Eilish tops the list with $1.6 million in MIV, followed by JLO Glow with $571,000 in MIV, Ariana Grande Cloud with $520,000 in MIV, Fenty eau de parfum with $387,000 in MIV and, finally, Charli d’Amelio’s Born Dreamer with $160,000. in the MIV. MIV is a Launchmetrics proprietary metric representing media impact value. MIV tracks the impact of influencers, print media, celebrities, official third-party partners, and a brand’s own media channels.

Billie Eilish’s Eilish first launched in October 2021, at the height of Eilish’s activity. That same year, in June, she graced the cover of Vogue, released her second studio album “Happier Than Ever” and even used a stage moment during Austin City Limits to talk about Texas’ abortion ban. . So while the release of the now wildly popular fragrance came as a surprise, it was also in line with Eilish’s public momentum. The scent is heavy on vanilla but also includes hints of amber and cocoa. Its bottle takes the shape of the human body, like the emblematic perfumes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Kim Kardashian. Eilish has since followed with a second fragrance, Eilish #2, in 2022. However, the original foodie still captures the #1 spot, according to data from Launchmetrics.

JLO Glow’s No. 2 spot is a testament to both the long career of its creator, Jennifer Lopez, and the continued strength of celebrity-led original fragrances. Lopez launched Glow, which was her first fragrance, in 2002 through a partnership with Coty Inc. – she wanted it to reflect her own scent of soap on skin and clean skin. At the time, it was seen as a notable departure from “fruity gluttons” for young women, with In Style calling it more adult but still floral. According Time magazine, the fragrance, along with fashion and other Lopez beauty lines, generated revenues of over $300 million in 2004, two years after its launch. The scent went on to inspire numerous Glow spinoffs. Lopez Freed Her 25e perfume, called Promise, in 2019. Lopez’s fragrance franchise has achieved more than $2 billion in retail sales since its launch in 2002, according to WWD. Sixty-five percent of those sales would come from Glow itself.

“In line with the rise of celebrity-owned beauty brands, celebrity voices continue to be a key driver of the industry, maintaining its relevance in the fragrance market,” said Alison Bringé, CMO at Launchmetrics. “That being said, having large, dedicated fanbases allows celebrities to differentiate their product within a highly saturated beauty market.”

While Lopez herself has 243 million Instagram followers, singer Ariana Grande has 368 million, which surely helped propel her perfume Cloud to third place. Grande first launched fragrances in 2015, but Cloud is her fourth fragrance, launched in 2018. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grand’s fragrances have achieved $1 billion in retail sales worldwide. Cloud has a distinct bottle, with its light blue hue, positioning atop a puffy cloud base, and lid with another small cloud. Its fragrance notes include lavender flower, pear and praline. At launch, Cloud was expected to generate $50 million in first-year sales, according to WWD. Harper’s Bazaar dubbed Grande the “last great celebrity perfumer” whose A-list contemporaries like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift failed to capture the minds of young consumers. Young people, who like to smell good, appreciate the “enveloping and comfortable quality” that Cloud offers, he reported. Cloud has also won industry awards, winning the Fragrance Foundation Scent of the Year in 2019. Since launching Cloud, Grande has continued to create new fragrances, including Thank U Next in 2019 and God Is A Woman in 2022, the latter of which is a “clean” fragrance with 91% ingredients of natural origin.

Rihanna has dabbled in unsuccessful ventures into celebrity fragrance territory before, with at least three fragrances launched between 2014 and 2016. But the launch of a Fenty fragrance brought her into the fold. Fenty Eau de Parfum is a decidedly more sophisticated product based on packaging alone, with an opaque amber bottle. The fragrance is touted as having a warm floral scent with notes of magnolia, musk, mandarin, and Bulgarian rose.

And finally, Born Dreamer by Charli d’Amelio rounded out the fifth spot, a somewhat surprising inclusion given that the TikTok influencer is a relative newcomer to the celebrity and fragrance space. D’Amelio, however, enjoys the support of 150 million TikTok followers and a partnership with Forma Brands, the owner of Morphe Cosmetics. Born Dreamer, launched in June 2022, features notes of Anjou pear, pink sugar and orange peel essential oil. Considering d’Amelio’s favorite platform, TikTok, it’s worth noting how much of an impact PerfumeTok has had on the digital fragrance landscape where purchases are inspired by influencers, not scents.

“With Gen Z generating the most buzz as they continue to increase their spending power, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more and more of the new generation of celebrity names – like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande or Charli D’Amelio – take the top spot in the fragrance industry,” said Bringé.

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