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Wish Trailer: Disney Wish Star Comes To Life In A Fresh And Nostalgic Animated Film

Ariana DeBose leads the cast of Disney’s next animated film Wish. The film, which features original songs by Julia Michaels, focuses on the Wishing Star backstory, a long-standing element in Disney lore. DeBose voices Asha, a 17-year-old who unleashes the power of the star. Wish is directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, who have both worked on previous Disney films.

Now Disney has released the trailer for Wish before its next release. Check it out below:


The trailer features part of “This Wish” performed by DeBose, and also offers a new look at Pine’s character, the formidable King Magnifico. Asha’s pet goat, Valentino, who is voiced by Alan Tudyk, is also revealed in the trailer.

Everything we know about Wish

Chris Pine as King Magnifico with outstretched arms in Wish

Wishthe release of later this year will follow the disappointing performance of strange world last fall, which received mostly positive reviews but bombed at the box office. The pressure is therefore strong for Wish to perform. Considering the film’s connection to the Wishing Star, a well-known piece of Disney history, and its impressive voice cast, the film is already poised to become a hit. This is all the more true as Wish is already billed as a celebration of Disney Animation Studios’ 100th anniversary.

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Disney’s upcoming animated film tells the story of DeBose Asha, who is described as a “quick-witted idealist“, which summons Star after making a particularly powerful wish. Together, with the help of Valentino the goat, Asha and Star face the ruler of Roses, King Magnifico, to save his community. Wish is supposed to tell the amazing things that can happen when you kiss the “star magic.”

Wish is written by Buck and Jennifer Lee, the former of which directed Frozen, Frozen IIAnd Surf. Lee, on the other hand, was a writer on both Frozen movies, Ralph’s WrecksAnd zootopiaamong other projects. Wish is produced by Lee, Peter Del Vecho, James E. Hasman and Juan Pablo Reyes. Wish will feature original songs by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rise with a score by composer Dave Metzger. It remains to be seen how Wish will compare to previous Disney offerings, but the film certainly seems to be going back to the company’s roots in an exciting way.

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